Emily Dickinson

2022.01.26 21:00 callycumla Emily Dickinson

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2022.01.26 21:00 tlane85 While I’m not a Duolingo fan, this is how I feel most days of the week.

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2022.01.26 21:00 Jazmine_Starr Take me back to NOLA!

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2022.01.26 21:00 froopledinker Possible update on bad blood theory

I'm not sure if it has been discussed, but perhaps Copperhead's poison is what made Batman weak to Joker's blood in Arkham City? I know it probably wasn't the idea when they were creating Arkham City, but maybe it could be tied in as the reason to why Batman may have "bad blood". Copperhead herself even says that her poison will remain in you.
Again I don't know if this has been discussed yet. Just wanted to bring up the possibility.
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2022.01.26 21:00 Remmen_Bastas [M4F] [Literate] The Brand

It was another quiet evening night for Nicholas. The austere, award-winning university student had only taken the night off at the behest of his best friend Andrew O'Bannon. It was to be a night of gaming, relaxing, and simple chatting -- or so he had been told. In truth, the youth would much rather be studying for the upcoming midterms and preparing for the whole schlew of responsibilities that would fall upon his shoulders as leader of multiple extracurricular clubs.
For now, though, he sat on Andrew's bed -- watching the TV with dull eyes. His friend's room was the stark opposite of his own; cans, empty wrappers, and unwashed clothing littered the floor and desk. They were near opposites in all aspects of life but.. Nick found it nice to indulge this side of him every once in a while. And, as they say, opposites attract. He brushed aside a lock of his blonde hair, taking a sip from the canned beverage provided to him. "You suck at this, man. Hell, I don't think you've ever been good at shooters, Andrew." The honor student called out with a soft chuckle, reclining in his seat. "Shut the fuck up, little Miss Perfect. At least I play shooters and don't have a stick shoved up my ass. Hell, when was the last time you even touched a controller? Dwo I have to expwain it to you again? This is the x bwutton.. I know it's complica-." The snarky teen's words were silenced by a well-aimed pillow.
Just before he could retort, the doorbell to the home rang out twice loudly. "Go get that." Andrew demanded, turning back to his game of Battlefield. "Fuck you. I call next, idiot." With a reluctant sigh, Nicholas hopped off of the bed and entered the cool hallway, gliding toward the front door. --
As he pulled it open, Nick was greeted with the sight of Andrew's voluptuous mother. Mrs. O'Bannon was, as always, a bombshell. Despite using the excuse of visiting a friend, Nick would be lying to himself if he said that a part of him wasn't interested in seeing Kelly again. "I brought Indian for the two of you.. I.. I hope you're alright with that." The homely housewife held out the white plastic bag of food with both hands, having the immediate and pleasant side effect of pushing her massive breasts together. His eyes drifted low to stare into that deep valley of creamy cleavage, coughing and spurting out a response with red cheeks. "L-Let me help you with that. Thanks for getting this for us, Mrs. O’Bannon." He outstretched both arms and took the heavy foodstuffs from her, excusing himself as he ambled away. Nick quickly unwrapped and set down several plastic wrapped objects on the kitchen table.
Out of the corner of his eye, he managed to barely spy an unopened sharpie that had been left on the table. Smiling softly, he picked up each individual plate and wrote his name underneath, nodding approvingly at his harmless little prank. "I knew I smelled something good. Mom, which one is mine?"
"I wrote our names on the bottom of each." He said with a sly smile. The joke was corny but.. It was some harmless fun. What he didn't expect, however, was the confusion that overcame both Andrew and Mrs. O'Bannon. "These.. These are all of yours, Nicholas." Kelly responded with a furrowed brow, scanning the names at the bottom of each meal. "Haha. I know, funny prank, right?" There was no laughter from either of them -- the teen quirking an eyebrow at their odd response. "No, seriously though -- I think that one in your hand is yours, Mrs. O'Bannon."
She shook her head. "It.. It can't be. Your name's written on it so it's yours. I.. I know I might be asking for a lot but.. Would you mind sharing these meals with us, Nicholas?" Her words were spoken earnestly and without a hint of jovial playfulness to them, even quivering a tad. "I.. I suppose so. Take whatever you'd like." The odd situation donned on him then. 'Do.. Do they really think I own those meals?' He picked up the sharpie again, scribbling his name in fine cursive along the top of the table. "Oh my god!" Both Kelly and her son shot up at that, staggering backward. "I.. I didn't realize that we were using your table without your permission, Nicholas.. I.. I'm so sorry for being so rude."
His eyes widened at that; possibilities running rampant through his head. What did this mean? What sort of power was this? What.. What could he do with it?
I think that large blurb gave a good enough idea as to what I had in mind. This prompt in particular is heavily based on a CYOA that I read quite a long time ago.
Obviously looking for people above 18+ for this sort of RP. My main hope is to find other individuals who are willing to play multiple characters or even take on a sort of GM role.
My character can write their name onto any object and basically claim ownership over it. People will act like it's always been his and basically realize that it's his property. My char doesn't know whether or not it can work on people/more intangible things and whatnot. I'd like for that to be discovered IRP. It would take place in a more modern time period with less of a focus on overall lore. If this at all interests you, toss me a message!
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2022.01.26 21:00 VisionaryIzzy I’m feeling down, and I want to talk to someone just to get my mind off of things, but I don’t want to come off as boring or as a downer

The only person I have to talk to is a girl. And I feel like I’m being a boring friend lately with always saying stuff like, “hi, how are you” or “how is you day?”. But I don’t want to be fake at the same time, and act happy over text when I’m obviously not. I just don’t want to be a downer.
I’m just scared of losing my only friend, and her get sick of me. I don’t know what to do.
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2022.01.26 21:00 monokoi Voted Against Transparency - Apes Lighting Up The Dumpster

Voted Against Transparency - Apes Lighting Up The Dumpster
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2022.01.26 21:00 Iincite Why not give Ukraine nuclear missiles? (Good or bad idea)

We took them away from them a few decades ago, if we give them back wouldn't that force Russia not to invade? It just seems like a simple solution.
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2022.01.26 21:00 NewsElfForEnterprise St. Paul approves low-income financing for affordable senior housing on West Seventh Street

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2022.01.26 21:00 Outrageous-Ear-7562 Verified PHYSICS Tutor Available Discord: Winner#0398

I am here to help. I think online learning can be just as good as in person learning. Or even better if the teacher is great! I am proud to offer both tutoring and assistance.
Have exams and assignments been running you in circles? Is the pressure to perform to your own? I am here to help. I think online learning can be just as good as in person learning. Or even better if the teacher is great! I am proud to offer both tutoring and assistance.
Have exams and assignments been running you in circles? Is the pressure to perform to your own standards weighing you down? Does PHYSICS just utterly confuse you, and you desire the aid of a seasoned pro'? Whatever the reason may be, I would like to thank you for considering me, and welcome you to an environment where your academic growth is supported.
It is my mission to see every student achieve success beyond his or her own expectations. I really enjoy helping students succeed in their classes. I am flexible and get you the grade YOU want. Please text me on +1 (628) 218-7242 if you are interested in any of the following services:
* *Full completion of an online class.*
* *Individual assignment (hw, quiz, test, project) completion*
* *One time test help - sending pictures back and forth*
I specialize in PHYSICS, but I am experienced with other subjects as well, JUST ASK ME!
My rate is friendly and negotiable! Half payment is done on half task done and the balance cleared after completion.
You can also reach me via email excellentwriter98@yahoo.com and on Discord: Winner#0398.
Please contact me if you need help getting through your online classes and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!
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2022.01.26 21:00 TylerWebb_ [BG] Apple Watch Series 4/5/SE [P] Anything below £135

Hey, looking for a Apple Watch Series 4/5/SE in pretty new/decent condition for around £135, really not sure on the prices that they're worth but that seems a rough estimate.
I've had a look at refurbed pieces and was just wondering if I could help take one off anyone's hands here instead. Thanks for reading.
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2022.01.26 21:00 canadian-weed Lee Hazlewood - Wikipedia

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2022.01.26 21:00 Cannonball31 Pro Builds Question/Discussion

Hey everyone,
So I've recently picked Varus back up, hate his lethality build, use AP a bit, but I am in love with on-hit. My usual build now is Galeforce-PD-Rageblade with Lethal Tempo for awesome kiting and DPS or Shieldbow-Rageblade if there are more threats. Anyways, the main I want to ask and know about is why are pros (according to UGG and Lolalytics ProBuilds section) building lets say Mythic-Rageblade-witsend-runaans or Mythic-pd-rageblade-runaans-witsend and using Hail of Blades? I understand that you can break the attack speed cap with THREE autos, but doesn't it become less efficient gold and item wise if you build this much attack speed without lethal tempo to maintain attack speed cap break? I'm curious to hear what people think. I do, myself, love HoB for lane and trades and have found out that an advantage to HoB is to stack Rageblade quickly; however, again, is there net loss for these builds later in the game with HoB?
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2022.01.26 21:00 Thrillz559 D34D TIRED - GLITCH HOpping (Prod. ilysean x Sardonyx)

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2022.01.26 21:00 KrishnaMage Am I?

Am I shadow banned?
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2022.01.26 21:00 Nemo-Lakeshow Im at 1900 sr right now , is there any limit how low you can get with your sr in elite ?

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