A Noob’s Journey…. and still a noob.

They are elite by Moniia and bedless noob's 200k pack by Yuruze. DISCLAIMER: I did NOT make anything in this pack, I just combined 2 packs. to install this pack you must UNZIP THE FILE and drag the folder inside to the minecraft recource pack folder Before uploading this pack I asked for consent from Yuruze and Moniia if I could use their packs. A/B system updates use two sets of partitions referred to as slots (normally slot A and slot B). The system runs from the current slot while the partitions in the unused slot are not accessed by the running system during normal operation. Noob Saibot is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise by Midway Games and NetherRealm Studios.Initially introduced as a black silhouette of the series' other male ninjas and sharing their special moves, he was given his own unique moveset and appearance in later games. ECG 1. A NOOB’S GUIDE TO E C G drkupe.blogspot.com drkupe Irfan Ziad MD UCD 2. Electrocardiography- is transthoracic interpretation of the electrical activity of the heart over time captured and externally recorded by skin electrodes for diagnostic or research purposes on human hearts. Check out Noob's High Jump Per Difficulty Chart Obby. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. Welcome to Noob's High Jump Per Difficulty Chart Obby! Please do not dislike the game if you do not like it. Total Stages: 24 Good luck! Newbie, newb, noob, n00b or nub is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in a profession or activity.Contemporary use can particularly refer to a beginner or new user of computers, often concerning Internet activity, such as online gaming or Linux use.. The origin of this term is uncertain. Earliest uses probably date to late twentieth century United States Armed ... Extend your battery's life longer. Learn the dos and don'ts to charging a 12-volt battery. Bedless Noob's 60K [16x] MCPE PvP Texture PackThank you for watching!Discord Krynotic#1021 ORIGINAL JAVA DOWNLOAD LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJoW... Hypixel Bedwars Bedless Noob's "Quad-Clicking" Mouse Is INSANE?! This is a RE-UPLOAD, as the original was taken down.My discord server: https://discord.gg/fr... Noob definition, a newbie, especially a person who is new to an online community and whose online participation and interactions display a lack of skill or knowledge: Some games and gaming forums are crawling with annoying noobs. See more.

2022.01.26 19:56 tmortn A Noob’s Journey…. and still a noob.

I first dipped my toe into Tarkov over a year ago. One constant I see through here as the boom and bust cycle draws folks in you see folks hit the wall/windshield or whatever metaphor blows your skirt up and they ask for help. The problem I see is that those who have scaled the learning curve cannot magically impart the knowledge that let them get up there. And even if they could put it into words… the words have no real meaning to those without enough in game experience. Sort of a situation where if you can understand the wisdom so many do honestly try and impart….. you are likely past needing it. At least for the true beginning pain bits that I always see confusion about.
For example. I got drawn in from DrLupo streams. I watched enough that I was intrigued enough to buy a basic account. I thought I had even watched enough that I had some idea what the hell I would be doing when I got into a raid. I mean I probably watched more hours of game play before ever buying and installing than most games take me to complete. His youtube clips got me to find and watch the first uncut twitch streams I ever saw just to see unedited game play. A lot of what I watched was him being a sherpa for a ton of Youtube/Twitch folks exploring the game. Then I got in my first raid. Holy shit did I not have any idea. I am sitting there with a map pulled up on a second screen. I have my list of extracts. And it means absolutely nothing. Because there is no “you are here”. Not even a compass…. And later I would find a compass on customs just confuses you further due to a common but often not explained map rotation issue vs where north was.
I then proceeded to have one of the most tense time destroying game experiences of my life…. In offline mode. EOD account it is.
As I keep gnawing at it in my rare free time I keep peeling back new layers. I don’t know if I have any particularly new insight into how to get gud. I certainly haven’t gotten there. But at this point I can keep my PMC supplied with what is available. Normally struggling with to much crap in my stash vs to little. And for some I think tips and tricks for how to reach those humble levels may be more useful than the things that get you to end game Chad play. This is also all written from the standpoint of someone playing solo, with parental responsibilities and the inherent limited time that implies. . Playing with a more knowledgeable player (sherpa system etc…) will greatly speed up the process. And of course, this is what has/is working for me. YMMV.
First and before all else, learn the map. No… REALLY learn the map. Again. Again. Again….. AGAIN!
I think a lot of people learn the general layout of maps and then think they have learned a map. I know I did. Once I could confidently get to various points on a map without having to stare at one constantly and the list of extracts actually meant something, I was like ok cool… now I know that map. Reader… I did not know the maps. That is just the first most basic layer of map knowledge. Do you know where every spawn is in relation to you? Do you know where every Scav spawn is and roughly when they pop up? Do you understand immediately where your cover is when in a spawn that routinely gets rushed or which spawns you have an advantage to rush? Do you know where all the rocks/fence gaps/cheeky peek throughs are? Do you understand sounds well enough to judge direction, distance, and a reasonably confident guess if it is player PMC related or AI only? Identify guns by sound? Do you understand the current state of the wipe and what tasks are likely in vogue and thus how it impacts general player map rotations/behavior and how the sounds tell you what may be going on?
Do I know these things now? Nope. Probably never will, not at any kind of mastery level.. And I am ok with that. This game is funny in that after a few months, I would keep thinking I had learned a lot. Then I would peel back another layer of understanding just to realize I still knew (relatively) nothing. I still know nothing, and accepting that has made things more enjoyable. Think of it this way. Perfect map location information is something other games give you out of the gate for free. Plus a HUD actively pointing you where to go or allowing you to maintain a course without conscious effort. In Tarkov these are skills you must first master, and it is not an insignificant accomplishment. Thus once you have established an internal game “GPS” in your head by looking around, you have just then reached the starting point of most games. Congratulations, you learned to roll over in your crib. How adorable.
To progress you must survive. To survive you have to win fights or avoid them. Both require a combination of map and game knowledge well beyond just knowing how to get from any given point A to any given point B. In addition to this, to win fights you need reasonable gear and for gear you need roubles. And for that you need to find loot. So before you are worried about armor levels, ammo types, PMC skills, hideout upgrades etc…. you have to be able to find loot to sell/use and get out with it. Avoiding is easier than winning fights, so start there.
For the time constrained. Do not try and learn everything. Learn a stash/loot run on 2 or three maps (1 is best, but can be monotonous, break it up if needed). Run it offline to where you can spawn in anywhere night or day, in the rain or clear etc , and be able to quickly make your run frontwards, backwards, sideways, alts etc… and where you are highly confident you will not die to AI (bosses possibly excluded). Once you know the beats of these runs by heart and stop having heart attacks because something unexpected happened. At that point you are close…. to knowing a map…. Offline. That is important because now you have a solid understanding of the baseline game environment when not impacted by other players like the back of your hand (assuming you are in fact familiar with the back of your hand). This is a critical piece of knowledge you need for every map. It is tedious to build it in offline mode. But it is very difficult to do it online because the game is in a constant roiled up state by the other player PMC’s and Scavs.
Why? Because the game world is like a spiders web, and for those that have this knowledge they are more likely to be the spider (correctly) interpreting the various vibrations of the web than hapless fly flailing about waiting to get eaten. I have come to the conclusion that most early game frustration comes when a player is beginning to think they are one of the spiders, or that they have done enough they should be, and the game painfully disabuses of them of that notion. Repeatedly. Painfully. Embarrassingly.
For sanity sake I suggest looking for examples of fight avoidance loot/stash runs initially rather than ones that take you constantly into highly contested zones. Plenty of time for that later. Youtube is your friend. Pestilly is my default, but there are lots of good guides.
Next. If you have the patience for it. As you go online for raids, focus on surviving raids and slowly expanding your map knowledge by branching out your loot runs into more contested areas/rotations rather than completing tasks. I mean scav killing like debut etc is fine. You will be doing that anyway. But any of the meat grinder quests that force you into well known compromised positions are just asking for trouble early on. Basically if it involves a key or factory best advice I have when first learning is to avoid. A lot of tasks routinely frustrate seasoned veterans of the game who literally earn their livings playing it. By staking yourself to a task objective you are taking options off the table when presented with information (ie vibrations in the web) which places you at a (severe) disadvantage. You are new, you likely die WITH an advantage. Think of it this way. If you can’t consistently survive when your choices are driven first and foremost by survival, how in the hell do you expect to survive due to anything more than luck when intentionally placing yourself at a disadvantage? Exception to this? Get Jeager unlocked. Though Fuck his quests for the most part.
Once you can find loot and consistently survive you can better evaluate your chances of making a risky play for a task objective. Once you can consistently survive you can also start trading on your positional advantages inherently generated by understanding the map and having good situational awareness to win fights.
Doing the above will not make you a super chad or anything like that. What it should do, is allow you to develop a consistent income so that you can buy what is available to you. And the sky is the limit once you grind your way to flea access. Then once you have access to quality gear, and you inevitably engage in more fights, you will slowly transition from constantly dying to random unexpected head eyes (you don’t know what is happening)to dying constantly to expected\anticipated head-eyes (where I am now, have an idea what is happening, just can’t react fast enough, make wrong choices to often) and (at least in theory) progressing on to being the source of head-eyes to others with increasing frequency (you know what is going on, can anticipate AND successfully execute strategy on the fly).
Pardon the wall of text, just been bouncing around my head for a while and thought it might help someone else like me. Have really been enjoying this wipe. Inertia is a good thing. Limited flea items even better.
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The credits only give the names of the double and the stunt double. Does it mean there is no main actor? I could swear the voice is the same with Marvel's Kingpin.
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2022.01.26 19:55 Tossmeout3241 Laptop motherboard bricked twice in under a month. Could this be an electrical issue?

Hello, I run a high-end laptop as a server in my basement 24/7. I monitor its temperatures regularly and know the laptop is kept at reasonable processing load. In less than a month, the laptop has bricked on me twice. Both times, the repair shop replaced the motherboard to fix it. The first motherboard failure was confirmed when a circuit powering the screen would not initialize. The second one was confirmed when the usb 3.0 charging port was tested and found to be faulty.
I have been using and building computers for nearly 20 years and these are the first two motherboard failures I have ever had. My only suspicion at the moment is random surges in my electricity in my basement. Does this sound like a possible cause?
The basement was finished as an addition to the house 30-40 years after its initial construction. I have had many electrical devices plugged in 24/7 in the basement for 4+ years with no issues. These are mostly PVM CRT's and old video game consoles. The laptop is in a separate room alone and is plugged into the same outlet as my cable modem.
Bonus question: if a power surging issue is suspected, what specs should I look for in surge protectors to help protect a laptop?
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I’ve recently become fascinated by Time theories. (Enjoyed the show Dark & also the show devs & also just informative YouTube vids)
Do you know any books (either non-fiction or fiction) that deal with how humans perceive time, not necessarily time travel, more like explorations of time as a concept, the universe being deterministic, the probability of events taking place etc
anything along those lines really, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it regardless.
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one time i had to sit and wait for my phone to finish loading for 10 minutes. i was just trying to get into the sphinx club. i was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this or if its just my wifi
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So I've been using IG with Master Mounter, but I've read that it just makes the Mounted Punisher bar fill up quicker. Is that true? If so I'm probable gonna stop using it because that seems bad.
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