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[#100|+8986|900] There are ugly people and I'm glad they exist. [r/unpopularopinion]

2022.01.26 19:51 FrontpageWatch2020 [#100|+8986|900] There are ugly people and I'm glad they exist. [r/unpopularopinion]

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2022.01.26 19:51 smoffatt34920 What is your favourite over-clock that you just find immensely fun and enjoy using?

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2022.01.26 19:51 littletinybluebird I hate the police

so I was assaulted by this 30yo guy (im in college) and my college advocate took me to talk to an investigator guy. I didnt file a report, I didnt even give any details at all. But the cop told me he knew the guy personally, he is a neighbor of his parents. So nothing else happened I never mentioned it to anyone else. Finally I got a call from the cop saying he "talked to the guy" off the books and that the guy "felt bad" about it. Now he talked to my advocate yesterday and apparently called it sex and also said he didnt care to look any further even though I never even released my exam or told the story or anything. I hate the police , I hated them before because of how they treat poc but now I hate them personally too. WTF am I even supposed to do except keep trying to kill myself
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2022.01.26 19:51 spongebob5745 Should I stop taking lexapro since I’m struggling with DXM addiction ?

I’ve been taking DXM everyday since I’ve started lexapro. The lexapro is taking too long to start working and dxm is the only thing helping me right now
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2022.01.26 19:51 slicksloth777 Best shoes for being on your feet for 6-8 hrs in the winter?

I don't have a huge budget, but I was considering getting the Saucony Peregrine Ice+. I'm a cashier who's constantly on their feet (stocks, retrieves shopping carts, etc). It doesn't get too slippery in terms of ice, but I have a hard time maintaining stability as I push shopping carts up in the snow. I was wondering what type of shoes (or boots? Preferably shoes) I could get that will last me until Spring? Or maybe continue to use in the Spring?
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2022.01.26 19:51 momogirl200 Which intro do you go hardest to?

Mines gotta be this new one. It’s so raw. I looked up the lyrics so I can scream “BEWAAAAAREEE COMING FOR YOOOUUUUU”
Every Sunday night my roommate thinks I’m summoning demons.
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2022.01.26 19:51 G-O-D-Z-I-L-L-A The Pretty Things - Balloon Burning [UK - 1968]

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2022.01.26 19:51 GhostRanger450 Well the video got 100k likes pay up Aaron

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2022.01.26 19:51 takendude XP hack

I am stuck on rifleman loadout and I want commmander I know I sound like a douche but I just want more XP so is there any way to get xp like with cheat engine or something like that? Anything?
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2022.01.26 19:51 FreeAllAlong Is it unsafe to drink out a glass that has a milk stain on the bottom

I know this is kind of gross but I reused a glass that had milk in it from like two days ago. I washed it out but just with water so there was still the milk stain on the bottom. Is there any possibility of getting sick from that? Does a milk stain "spoil?"
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2022.01.26 19:51 Either_Ad_7054 Je me branle sur vos mère venez pv

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2022.01.26 19:51 Mobster-_Lobster May seem like a sleeper game to the better apex players but i'm extremely proud of this game, if these two players are in this sub, gg's that was one hell of a game.

May seem like a sleeper game to the better apex players but i'm extremely proud of this game, if these two players are in this sub, gg's that was one hell of a game. submitted by Mobster-_Lobster to apexlegends [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 19:51 Gillver (probably a stupid question but...) What genre am I writing?

So I am writing a story in which most people are able to harness energy from monsters slain and use that energy to strengthen specific stats. The cost of these upgrades increases as the stat gets higher. (like spending exp on stats)
That is everyone except the MC, who through a series of shenanigans and tomfoolery uses the energy collected from slain monsters as a means of, I guess full-body empowerment like a cultivator would be the best way to put it.
So while everyone else has very stat-based "builds" and set abilities granted to them by other factors the MC's power and abilities are dictated by how they harness the ever-growing pool of energy they harvest from defeating monsters.
Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'd rather not be wrong and asking dumb questions helps me to deal with my unbelievable levels of anxiety about the whole thing.
TL;DR MC is cultivator adjacent but everyone else uses a more traditional style of stat-based advancement. What genre would this fit into when I go to post it on, let's say royal road. I want to say cultivation and I feel like that's the obvious answer but I know people are VERY particular about genre tags.
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2022.01.26 19:51 leekdion This is the second time in a short period of time this has happened. I need an explanation for this

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2022.01.26 19:51 IamBarefootDave Barefoot Dave Takes on the American Express PGA Tourney - Part Four (My round with Phil & Rickie)

So with one professional round under my belt and with my overall score putting me at the bottom of the leaderboard, I arrive at the Nicklaus course of PGA West with high hopes...I'm paired with Rickie Fowler & in the same group with Phil Mickelson, multi-major winner and the basically this Tournament's ambassador & week long emcee...
Now I'm not gonna lie - despite the beer buzz after eating dinner at the hotel and the physical/emotional exhaustion of Thurday's round - I don't sleep well - I'm anxious and after a rough night of tossing and turning I resolve to get out of bed at 4:30am and start trying to summon my body into some state of being able to make a full golf swing (and the market at the hotel where i get my coffee doesn't open until 6am)...I resolve to go contrarian and start my day with a hot bath (elated that my Craig Stadler-esque frame fits in the tub and doesn't cause a tsunami of water when I ease in) & listen to the Calm app on my iphone and take in 10 minutes of zen meditation...
...when I snap out of the soothing sounds of Tamara I feel a little prunish but notice my lower back is starting to show signs of life...we next jump to the stim pads and plow through 30 minutes of work email while getting jolted...then stretching and body weight exercises..and suddenly it's time to make the cold walk to get coffee...not long after that we gotta be dressed and ready for go time as our tee time is 8:50am off the back tees at Nicklaus...
...on the range I feel incredible...I'm ready for this...or so I thought...we decide to truncate the session and save the swings so we spend more time working on short game & putting...on the putting green I see two familiar faces from my pod: Will & Harold...
Will is engaged in a serious putting drill while Harold is holding court with Phil & Jason Dufner...but upon seeing me comes bounding over with a big smile on his face and offers a warm greeting and well wishes for the day (so right, an established Tour Pro who's made more than $8m professionally just came over to say hello to me...these guys are just such solid genuinely nice human beings ...I promise him I won't leave any putts short today and he reminds me that we're playing right behind him and he'd be watching us from the tee boxes and I nod and smile (and then gulp when he turns and walks away)...by this time Will has freed up and we exchange hellos and a handshake and I tell him that he's going really low today (save that thought) and that I bet on him on Draft Kings...Will thinks it's funny and he gives me some quick tips for the Nicklaus course (the one course we didn't get to practice on) before we part ways...
So our tee time rapidly approaches and we make our way to the 10th tee starting area to go through all of the pre-round admin...
The first person I run into in the starter's tent is Phil...big smile, warm, not a care in the world...asks about me, what Barefoot Dave is (my charitable alter ego), my kids, etc. He compliments me on the Melin Phil hat I'm wearing that I got by being a subscriber to his coffee line (coffee for wellness)...Our conversation gets so involved that the starter has to politely interrupt us and tell Phil that he has honors and it's time to go hit...lol...
We do our group and pairings photos and I meet Rickie Fowler for the first time - he's half my size, well tanned, dressed perfectly, and fit as a fiddle...we exchange hellos and I start to head over to the amateur tee box and try to clear my head while both the pros pump tee shots down the fairway..
First Hole -
Recurring theme here is relative to yesterday the crowds are MASSIVE...it's beyond night and day...having lived through the first hole jitters I'm feeling less hyperbolically anxious but the crowds are really hard to ignore...I even make a joke that I'm used to playing with a Bushnell Wingman Speaker blaring music so could somebody please do a chorus of "margaritaville" which is met with some laughs...I manage to once again slap a 3-wood down the right side and whilst outside the ropes again it rests safely on a hill inside the white stakes..
I find my ball on a grassy knoll with a tree in front of me that I can definitely elevate over w/a sand wedge...I'm about 80/90 yds away and the green I'm hitting to looks like a table top with a reception area down off the back...
I give it a go and I couldn't have hit it better...but as I feared, with no spin afforded from the hard pan I just hit off my shot bounces hard twice upon landing and skips into the reception area...a very feeble first putt off that rough leaves me with a terrible downhill breaking par putt and I walk away with my first of many bogeys on the day...
Now other than a couple of hard earned pars here and there my golf today isn't particularly spectacular and Rickie will go on to shoot even par, leaving me at the bottom of the amateur leaderboard with no chance of making the cut for Sunday so instead of more self-deprecating play-by-play of my holes I'd like to skip around and story tell a bit about this round and the things I saw and heard and experienced...
Personal Security -
First, on the walk up the fairway on number one, a smiling tanned physically imposing human specimen in military fatigues and combat sunglasses comes over to me, shakes my hand and introduces himself...apparently he's a state trooper and his only purpose today is to ensure my comfort and safety...whoa, that's heavy...I smile and confirm that this is the byproduct of being with Phil and he winks at me...but then as serious as a coyote in the desert sternly informs me that if anyone or anything bothers me at all I'm to tell him and he'll take care of it...how awesome is that...so of course I have to and I ask him if that includes help with lob wedges from behind the ropes and he laughs and says he doesn't play golf and I'm on my own there...was worth a shot
Phil (in general) -
Phil is awesome. He holds court the entire day...he spends ample time on the fairways & everywhere else during the round with everyone in the group, including the security guys and the volunteers...
Phil (talking coffee) - so Phil spends 2 early holes with me chatting about the coffee company and asking me how I like the product...I'm in my glory because I have his full attention for the better part of 15 minutes on an easy topic to chat about (unlike my golf game)...it's going so well and he's elated when I tell him that when I tell him that all the neighborhood guys who came to my annual golf outing (the "Barefoot Dave 'Free Barabbas' Good Friday Golf Open...celebrating over 2000 years of the people getting it so very wrong") saw me drinking it and tried it and loved it and all their wives got it for them for Christmas (eg, Joey, Joe T, Lynbrook Rob, Sandbagging Pete...)...this exchange is promptly interrupted by Rickie Fowler, who wryly chimes in: "you have friends named Lynbrook Rob and Sandbagging Pete?...is your life like the Sopranos Long Island edition?..." (NOTE: this is the first of several really funny moments with Rickie, who while quiet at times has the ability to drop a zinger and I'm starting to like his dry wit and serious-to-goofy in under 6 seconds demeanor)...
Phil (crowd management) -
One of the things that was really interesting to see up close is how Phil manages everything going on and still being able to hit the golf ball the way he does...he's always gotta be smiling...always thumbs up...tracking what kids he gave out golf balls to...it was making my head hurt trying to keep track of it all myself (well, that and the random mix of solo cup drinks the gallery was handing me throughout the day)...
Phil (zingers at BFD) -

  1. 13th hole (we started on the back so it's actually our 4th hole) - I yank a 3-wood left and deep up on one of those hardpan hills again (with yet another palm tree in front of me blocking a view of the green) - a homeowner tells me "it's 142 yards, I hit that shot every night"...ok then, you can beat local knowledge...so I smoke a wedge over the tree and onto the green to the delight of the crowd and my ego...I run up there all excited and mark my ball and when it's my turn I trickle a birdie putt down there and it leaks left at the end for just a tap in for my first par...as I triumphantly go around to do the tapping I am frozen by a sudden "hey Dave?!?!"..."um yes Phil (and no he's not about to give me a putting tip as I realize I almost just walked across his putting line)?..."...."did I need to put down a BIGGER hubcap for a marker for you to see my putting line?..."...ugh...everyone hears this...he's laughing at me, the crowd is laughing at me...and I'm totally altered as I walk around and almost miss my tap in (bet hey, I make a par)...in fairness he walks up the hill off the green with me and congratulates me on the successful scrambling blind wedge that fostered par and I tell him about how I used the local knowledge to my advantage...kudos to the homeowner...and damn it pay attention to Phil's hubcaps...
  2. Several holes later is my worst drive of the day and I hook yank a driver left so hard it rattles off a house and sounds like an m80 explosive went off...the crowed appears to be trying to be merciful until Phil offers a boisterous "shots fired, huh BFD?..."
Phil (making a "hole-between-two" on the back 9) -
On the back 9 there's a par 5 where anything right risks being instantly OB & unfortunately the big lefty vaporizes one down a very aggressive line and it looks pretty certain like he's in somebody's breakfast nook...he hits a provisional and the rest of us bang 'em into play...Phil's brother Tim goes in search of his first tee shot while we all go to our balls...My caddie and I are probably 40-50 yards left of the OB line out at the left edge of the fairway when I hear what appears to be a woman shouting...she's saying the same thing over and over...I'm finally able to make out through the blinding sun that it's a woman in a bikini in a hot tub bouncing up and down like a lunatic and screaming at the top of her lungs: "hit a better ball Phil!...hit a better ball Phil!..."
Tim appears to wave off Phil and motion for him to hit his provisional and we are on our way to the green...everybody putts out and as we are walking up the hill through the ropes to the next tee box there's a lot of laughing going on...once we assemble at the pros' tee box I'm clued into the goings on and come to find out that the woman who was yelling (and who was drunker than a sorority girl during rush) had in fact found Phil's first ball on her property and promptly stuck it in the middle of her ample cleavage and jumped into her front lawn hot tub to cause a scene...I further find out that Tim did a masterful job of keeping Phil away from a developing situation that could only have been bad for him by waving his arms from the OB area and yelling "do NOT come over here...repeat DO NOT come over here...you're OB...PLAY YOUR SHOT NOW..."...since the situation diffused itself and no one in our group was adversely affected, everybody was able to have a good laugh over it...and I resisted the temptation to ask Tim or Phil how often those types of things happen because I had a pretty good idea of what the answer was...
Rickie (zingers at BFD) -
  1. 10th hole: I shove my approach shot pin high to the right over the ropes and for what feels like the 20th time in 2 days I'm having to hit lob wedge to the green over a gallery...after some pretty funny banter with the throngs of people around me I'm ready to flip one on when I see Rickie make eye contact with me and then put his hands up and yell over to Phil who's wandering around eyeing up his putt): "hey Phil, take cover, we got incoming fire again from Barefoot Dave..."...ugh...everybody's laughing again; HOWEVER, I deftly land one on the green and everybody cheers Rickie gives me a nod and Tim Mickelson even helps me read my downhill par putt as my caddie labors back to the green from the random hill we were on...
  2. 18th hole: so finally I absolutely vaporize a drive that's a giant towering butter cut up the left side that fades into the fairway line a rolls down the hill, and is the pride of the fleet (I'm ahead of both Phil and Rickie, the latter of which is just off my left behind me at the edge of the rough on the fairway line)...as I approach my ball I see my logo and I feel relieved to be in the fairway on the finishing hole with a tough approach over water coming in front of a huge gallery waiting for Phil & Rickie...now just as I'm about to reach my ball I hear: "Yo barefoot"...long story short, Rickie mind f*cks me into thinking he switched balls on me to make me feel better and I nearly pick it up out of the fairway...Rickie is tickled at how well I fall for it and tells Phil and they're both in stiches...I'm so messed up I shank my 7-iron to the apron (barely avoiding the water)...and flaccidly chip and two-putt my way to an awful bogey to end the round in front of thousands...kudos to Greg for making birdie and shooting the same gross score of 38 on the back 9 as Phil...
Post Script 1 - this is the one instance I end up on TV...the ending sequence on the green with me next to Phil putting my putter in the bag (all 8 seconds) is captured on Golf Channel to the delight of all who took the OVER bet (1) on how many times they'd see BFD on TV that day...
Post Script 2 - two cool things happen at the scorer's tent after the round: (1) Phil & Rickie sign an AMEX tournament flag for me and (2) Rickie gives me a pretty cool pep talk about my game and encourages me to do me and not apologize for it (funny that's basically my motto....he must follow me in secret)...which basically meant drink more on the course...which is what I set out to do once I get back to the player's lounge...
Barefoot Dave
PGA West - Nicklaus Course
January 21, 2022
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2022.01.26 19:51 davidkorunek Panam😍❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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2022.01.26 19:51 jadedjournalism Advice for landlord references

Hello, all! I’m a tenant, not a landlord—I hope that’s alright! I’m just seeking a bit of advice.
I’m extremely tidy, religious about payments, and I have excellent credit—but I don’t have landlord references. I’ve never rented before. What’s the best way to go about this? Obviously I don’t want to lie. Is it acceptable to explain my situation? Is there an alternative?
Thank you so much!
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2022.01.26 19:51 BSCSabreCat SabreCat 🚀 🔥 Low MC $13K 🔥 5% BUSD rewards💰 Donations to animal charities $25K+ 🎗 KYC + Audit 👍 LP Locked 🔒

Low Cap GEM, only $13K MC!!!!!!!!
SabreCat: A community driven token backed by crypto enthusiasts. A BSC token that rewards holders and gives back to the animal community with donations at each major milestone.
• $100K MC, $1,000 donation
• $500K MC, $5,000 donation
• $1M MC, $10,000 donation
• $10M MC, $25,000 donation
• $100M+ MC, $$$$$$$$$
Charities will be chosen by SabreCat holders!!!!!
Our vision also includes customised NFT collectibles in the medium term and maximising our brand and meme potential with targeted marketing.
The meme space is over-saturated with the same tokens being recycled over and over, SabreCat will stand out in this crowded marketplace.
Contract: 0xa363D498d69202ddAf562FBa0d79C074610C04E9
🚀 5% BUSD Rewards
🚀 4% LP
🚀 3% Marketing
🚀 Liquidity locked
SabreCat Key Features:
🌟 Trustworthy
🌟 KYC + Audit, LP locked
🌟 Rewards Users
🌟 Animal charity donations
🌟 Community focus and community lead initiatives
While we are at heart a meme token, our charity focus gives us a real-life use case and sense of purpose!!!!!!
Join our movement!
📲 Telegram: http://t.me/SabreCatGroup
🦜 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSCSabreCat
🌐 Website: https://www.sabrecattoken.com
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2022.01.26 19:51 DomZeDuck Where do I report a toxic racist person?

I was playing a game until there was some commotion in the chat. I looked and saw someone in chat Spamming "L" whenever he kills one person, and when he gets killed by someone he calls them white. I then kill him bc I HATE toxic people. When he spams white in the chat I tell him that I'm actually Filipino. He then proceeds to spam "CHINESE", and "CHING CH O N G". (I'm 12 and I have safe chat so I ask him what he is saying and he then spaces the words out) I do win the game in the end, but I feel personally attacked now. (The funny part is that when I kept on killing him, he said "RED KILL CYAN")
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2022.01.26 19:51 throwawayfinalform56 M46, 218lbs, down from 245 - loose skin question

I know it's largely genetic and very little can be done about it, but I'm curious if anyone my age (mid 40s) has lost 6 or more inches off their waist and kept their skin super tight? I'm feeling some squish down there already as the pounds drop and am very concerned it's going to be lax if I eventually get back to a 32" waist and abs
I'd always assumed that it was large scale weight loss (100lbs or so) that led to loose skin but apparently that's not the universal rule.
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2022.01.26 19:51 ViceTiceTickTack Cursed_ ;)

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2022.01.26 19:51 Anderz2 Relapse after 5 months sober

Feel like I’m tripping right now and left my body. My soul hurts
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2022.01.26 19:51 TrendingBot [TRENDING] /r/FingMemes - FingMemes (+835 subscribers today; 790% trend score)

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2022.01.26 19:51 Sr_Starbucks Barra da Tijuca be like

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2022.01.26 19:51 TardGenius Any improv folks out there?

Hey everyone! I'm a new transplant and I'm searching for improv classes/groups here in town. I know the community is still healing post TNM implosion and maybe everyone's still figuring out the way forward. I just thought I'd put feelers out to see what's out there!
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