Finished a new one and fixed an old one as per your notes

2021.11.29 05:22 deathwithbenefits_ Finished a new one and fixed an old one as per your notes

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2021.11.29 05:22 pinkunicorn007 My (26f) boyfriend (31m) is very affectionate to me one moment and wants to break up the next

Hello, dear people on reddit!
This is a very complex situation and I'll do my best to keep it as concise and clear as possible. I apologise in advance if I express things in a confusing way.
My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year, we briefly broke up in summer. He was the one who initiated the break up but he felt pretty terrible and regretted it. Overall, we were broken up for about two weeks.
Things have been rocky with us in general. The problem mainly is that my boyfriend is extremely moody. To a point where I believe he might potentially have some sort of disorder. Perhaps it would help to give you some background info...
My boyfriend works for the military and takes his job very seriously. His career is important to him, he is very driven, wants to do a good job and advance. I know it's an ego thing. In the beginning, I figured it was normal, now I'm not so sure anymore. As we continued dating, he opened up to me about his past. He was adopted when he was 7. His biological mother is a drug addict, his step father molested him as a child and also killed his half-sister, long after he had been adopted but I can imagine that it was traumatic nonetheless.
His adoptive family kept him very sheltered, didn't allow him to go out when he was in high school and his adoptive father verbally abused him. Toxic masculinity was a big issue as well.
I have known about all this for at least half a year now - I actively decided not to break up with him and stand by his side as he tries to cope with all of it. Unfortunately, he has shown some hurtful behaviours, like texting his ex (whom he doesn't even feel attracted to), not deleting his dating apps to get compliments from women, making comments about my appearance... I know, you might think now, "Why the hell are you still dating him?" - I don't want to picture him as just being a bad guy. I think he has some serious issues and doesn't even want to be like this.
Sometimes, when he gets drunk, he will talk about how he's intellectually not on the same level as me and that he might bore me with not being interested in some of the things I like. Last time he was drunk, he made a comment about how one of my male friends would probably be a good guy for me, and that he sometimes lays in bed and cries. When I asked him why, he said he was just joking.
Yesterday, he was back at the point of wanting to break up. It's so weird because he made this effort of getting me a ton of nice Christmas gifts (which he didn't have to), he's been telling me how much he is looking forward to spending the holidays with me. He danced with me in the kitchen on Thanksgiving and was so affectionate with me. A couple of weeks ago, he even invited me to fly back to his home country with him when he goes to visit his family (I couldn't afford the plane ticket, so I won't go).
He is in therapy right now, it was my condition he started therapy in order for us to get back together. He has been in therapy for the largest part of his life, he takes antidepressants and anxiety meds. However, he doesn't really trust his therapist because he put a diagnosis (GAD) on his record without telling him about it, he saw it by coincidence. In the beginning, he told me his therapist seemed like a good guy who knew what he was doing and now he's completely demonising him - he has the tendency to do that. Think positively of one person and then suddenly change their opinion about them.
My boyfriend asked me a few weeks back if I'd be scared if he was diagnosed with a personality disorder and I replied that I wouldn't be, it would be more concerning if he had one and suffered because he didn't really know about it. Now he's paranoid about getting diagnosed with one even though he says he doesn't believe to have one. Quite frankly, I believe he thinks he might have a personality disorder but he is scared of how it will affect his job (and potentially me).
I don't really know what to do. I don't want to break up with him or him to break up with me. I'm not perfect either, I have strong fears of abandonment and tend to get very emotional quickly. I understand that's tiring and a lot to deal with when you already have a lot on your plate. I'm just at a loss right now. One moment I'm the most fascinating person he knows, the next moment he's bored and unhappy. One moment he is very horny and loves having sex with me, the next he thinks it's repetitive and there is "no passion". I'm trying to be understanding of his mood swings potentially being a result of his mental health but it's also very taxing.
I feel like there is so much more that needs to be in this post but it would get way too long.
TL;DR: My boyfriend is very hot and cold about me, sometimes super affectionate, sometimes on the verge of breaking up. He has mental health issues that might contribute to his mood swings. I try to be understanding because I love him but it's a difficult situation...
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2021.11.29 05:22 Collma1964 Is this a Hibiscus. I was told yes by a neighbour.

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2021.11.29 05:22 DogecoinEnt I love it… $10k for a dice roll at the NFT…

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2021.11.29 05:22 SK_Skipper If you listen Afrobeat, Reggae, Reggaetón or Dancehall.

You are cool
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2021.11.29 05:22 heinaga1989 The risks and rewards of DeFi

Traditionally, if you want to borrow US$10,000, you first need some assets or money already in the bank as collateral. A bank employee reviews your finances, and the lender sets an interest rate for the repayment of your loan. The bank gives you the money out of its pool of deposits, collects your interest payments and can seize your collateral if you fail to repay.
Everything depends on the bank: It sits in the middle of the process and controls your money.
At the same time "DeFiChain" keeps its own consensus mechanism and function set, allowing for all those characteristics that Bitcoin does not inherently have. This is achieved by DeFiChain being a dedicated non-Turing-complete blockchain, designed specifically for the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry built on top of Bitcoin.
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2021.11.29 05:22 niuz-bot OMS: Omicron are un risc global ”foarte ridicat”, ar putea avea ”consecințe grave” în unele regiuni al lumii - [Actualitate][Coronavirus]

Varianta Omicron probabil că se va răspândi la nivel internațional, prezentând un risc global "foarte ridicat" și ar putea avea "consecințe grave" în unele regiuni al lumii, a transmis luni Organizația Mondială a Sănătății (OMS), potrivit Reuters
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.11.29 05:22 Taz_7788 ootd ♡

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2021.11.29 05:22 P1ZZ4_M0ZZARELL4 😈

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2021.11.29 05:22 GoinWithThePhloem Home ownership after a breakup

I bought this cute little house and we’ve lived here together for the last 3 years. Now, we’ve mutually decided to breakup and I’m going to be on my own soon.
He’s still living here while he finds a place (which is honestly going really well despite how strange some might find it), but some nights I get so anxious sleeping alone that I just CANT fall asleep ... and that anxiety then makes me really emotional.
I love this house and I feel safe here, but I don’t know how to clean the gutters. He always mowed and weed whacked the lawn while I tended to the garden. He always knew when to change the filters and he always had the right tool for whatever job we had (not that he was particularly handy lol). On top of that, he handled our grocery shopping and made us the most delicious meals. I know I’ll figure it all out in time but it’s 3:30am (and yes I work tomorrow morning) and it’s all hitting me at once.
I would love any words of encouragement or helpful words of advice for others that have been in this spot. I’ve lived in a tiny appt solo (which was wonderful) but we broke in this house together so I’m scared the house will both feel so overwhelming and lacking at the same time.
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2021.11.29 05:22 pur__0_0__ I watched my little pony for 6 hours to see some tits.

So I was in 8th or 9th (about 13 or 14) and my ex's sister had a really big crush on me. And I kinda liked her too. Well we're in a Skype call and she's all like "Hey I want to watch my little pony but I'm scared I'll be made fun of" and I'm like I'll watch it with you. Fuck it. And she's like aww that's sweet I'll make it up to you. I'll show you my boobs. And blah blah. So we watched THE FUCKING ENTIRE FRIENDSHIP IS MAGICAL SERIES 6 HOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO and the video ends and I'm like sweet can you uh. And she's like "gotta go to sleep" never did get to see the tits. Kinda still bummed about.
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2021.11.29 05:22 Gyanprakashh_ How's my herbarium going? Any suggestions ?

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2021.11.29 05:22 bigboibogai psycho the rapist

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2021.11.29 05:22 tyrionlay Aqa, edexcel locked papers

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2021.11.29 05:22 Bonus1Fact Labor ‘struggling’ to attack Coalition over COVID-19 response ¦ Sky News Australia

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2021.11.29 05:22 idrivearust Gletcher NGT F

im abit confused is the gletcher ngt an airsoft or a bb gun?
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2021.11.29 05:22 felix_da_wolf yoricks voicelines

i really just get the chills whenever i use my ult. i like hearing the ult noise then yorick saying "Behold the horrors of the isles''.
and when yorick buys the blade of the ruined king.
Maiden:The sword of a great man
Yorick:The sword of a fool.
Here are the voicelines for him if u want to see em too :3
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2021.11.29 05:22 sungawd Secure the Best Grades . Hire Me for Biochemistry, Physiology, Biology, and Pharmacology Essays, Online Classes, Quizzes, and Assignments. 100+ Vouches and Free Samples. Cash App/PayPal/Venmo. //Sir-Henry#0020 // //+1 (930) 208-8116

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My work is 100% flawless, original (Plagiarism-free), without grammatical errors. I have access to Grammarly, Turnitin, and other extensive research tools. Kindly get in touch, and I assure you of value for every dollar spent. Be assured of a super-fast response. I accept Cash App, Venmo and PayPal for payment. Reach me through Call/Text/WhatsApp +1 (930) 208-8116 Reddit private and direct messages Discord Sir-Henry#0020 Email
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2021.11.29 05:22 mes05 🥶🥶🥶

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2021.11.29 05:22 puckloe Khrushchev and Brezhnev economic reforms

Can someone explain the Khrushchev reforms and the economic reforms in 1965 because I am not sure I understand them fully.

Are the Khrushchev basically just making it more based on consumer goods?
What about the 1965 reforms, from what I read it basically meant that profitability was how to measure how successful an enterprise was. If this is correct, how did it work before under Stalin how was the success of an enterprise measured there. Was it how much the enterprise produced, if so how is this different to profitability? because isn't profit the outcome of a product minus the cost done to make it?
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2021.11.29 05:22 dominator1488 Sex in school toilet is awesome!

I advise everyone! But my gf will be pregnant I guess...but it was worth it
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2021.11.29 05:22 S_E_C_O_N_A_L Shoegazers - What's your favourite song within the genre?

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2021.11.29 05:22 ZeusGato When is a good time to buy Shiba? DD, enjoy apes 💎🙏🏽💎

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2021.11.29 05:22 Head_Carob5275 Do we have different sets?

I'm In tenth grade and I'm giving my social board exam tomorrow, do we have different sets? Like set 1,2,3,4 cause in the IT exam all of us has set 4 and people asked me what set I had and I was like..we have different sets?
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2021.11.29 05:22 Ok-Acanthaceae4496 💰 Cardanomics | 1st ADA rewards with Rebase and BuyBack project 🚀 Audited, American Developers, Enormous Marketing Action Plan!!!

💰With revolutionary tokenomics, Cardanomics ensures an amazing source of passive income for holders.
🚀Rebase ensures an ever-growing chart, and trending on CMC, CG, and Dextools!

✅ Our ultra-aggressive marketing approach will generate insane hype for launch, as we're approaching numerous Twitter influencers, and will be featured on the biggest telegram groups! Check out our ads on PooCoin, BSCScan, Coinzilla, and more!

📈 Perfect handling of Rebase from the dev
💰 Binance Pegged ADA Rewards are automatically distributed to all holders every day!
🚀 BuyBacks are used to keep the chart green and going in the right direction
🔒 Audited by the reputable firm RugFreeCoin

💎 Tokenomics:
- Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
- Marketing: 1% for perennial exposure to new investors
- LP: 1% To ensure healthy liquidity for all investors
- BuyBacks: 1% strategically used to keep the chart in the gree
- Rewards: 7% automatically distributed to holders every 1 hours

Verified Contract: 0x7a0788bd05ec264b7c146399e08f51b09c1aa19d
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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