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Text post is created
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2021.11.29 06:12 Alternative-Chair-36 Monastery

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2021.11.29 06:12 DIA-n-MOND happy 200 gift between me and myself 😅🥳

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2021.11.29 06:12 blankblankthe If anyone wants a live update of the details discussed in the Winter Session held today, here you go
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2021.11.29 06:12 MollyBlue82 Terrakion raid can only add 5 8015 5646 8110

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2021.11.29 06:12 unlimited_pp_power E-100 is pretty cool ngl, but I need to realize pressing W harder doesn't make the tank go faster :/

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2021.11.29 06:12 rohitcrypto92 The flagship product of Cronos_World - #CrownPad The portal to the most promising projects built on top of the cronos chain. The best innovative projects on #cronoschain will be launched on Crown Pad. #Cronos #CRO #cronosworld $CROWN #cronoswizard crypto com cronos_chain

The flagship product of Cronos_World - #CrownPad The portal to the most promising projects built on top of the cronos chain. The best innovative projects on #cronoschain will be launched on Crown Pad. #Cronos #CRO #cronosworld $CROWN #cronoswizard crypto com cronos_chain submitted by rohitcrypto92 to Cryptocurrency_Daily [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 06:12 shady_zest 25[M] Genuine Long Term Friendships That Are Ghost-Free

Hey,Everyone! I'm new to this sub,and i'm here in search of genuine people to start a genuine friendship from scratch, which extends for a lifetime (hopefully)
First off,to start, i'm not into gaming. I know it's a weird thing to say in this sub, because everyone has already created the image here that only people who own a PS4,Nintendo Switch or an Xbox only could get friends here, (i do own a PS4 and an Xbox one, but i am in a phase of life where i hardly find time to use those,since i'm finding time to balance between work and studies atm)
But yeah if there's someone who enjoys any other talks other than virtual graphics and games, such as their life, their travels across the world,hobbies,good movies and books,work and ambition, and if they wanna put forth the effort to extend the friendship irl, I'M IN!!!!
Age,gender,timezone and Location are never a matter of concern in a friendship,because i believe every gap can be bridged through honesty and trust!
Wanna get to know me? Feel free to HMU on my chats and i'll reply ASAP. I do have a discord,snap and an insta where i'd take this convo to once i get to know you better. Hope y'all have a great day!
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2021.11.29 06:12 Hunter_Writes A Developing Race (Part 5)

First | Previous | Next
Itarii arrived at the spaceport she was supposed to deliver to within the last minutes the contract allowed. Sluumoth wouldn’t be happy, but he would deal with it. Either that, or she would find another position elsewhere. An automated system took control of her ship and allowed it to slot into one of the docking cradles. Another gesture released the claws along the spine of the ship, releasing containers into waiting receivers.
With that settled, Itarii prepared to disembark for the first time in days.
She stretched her primary limbs, fingers splaying into a tripod before returning back into their usual flat space. The quills on her back flexed, as she stretched, then returned to their normal upwards direction. It felt good; resting for so long in the pilot’s cradle, as comfortable as it was, always became uncomfortable in some way.
She felt her ship shudder, then received a notification that a docking tube had been connected to her airlock. She grabbed some of her things; a fresh uniform, a portable communicator, and her shoulder bag. There wasn’t much more she needed that she wouldn’t be able to find somewhere on the station. She stuffed the clothes into the bag and donned an EVA suit over her uniform. As for the communicator, that attached easily to the wrist of her right primary limb. She had three messages requesting her attention, but those could wait until she was settled.
Another moment passed. Her quarters were small and messy, but only the bridge required cleanliness. Looking around, she noticed two well-kept cases, shaped for the upper segment of her leg. She strapped a case onto each. Never know when things are going to turn bad. She double-checked her EVA suit, pulled on the helmet, then instructed her airlock to cycle and open.
The spaceport wasn’t the nicest that Itarii had been to, and she had gotten about what she’d expected from a primarily industrial planet. From what she saw when flying in, most of the production structures were underground, and the atmosphere wasn’t capable of sustaining life. Were it not for the smokestacks and the cloud that hung in the planet’s thin atmosphere, Itarii wouldn’t have been able to tell that this planet was even inhabited.
Well, that and the spaceport. You don’t normally have those without something on the surface, Itarii amended mentally.
The spaceport was largely functional. No decorations, metal catwalks, and exposed pipes of both the liquid and the atmospheric variety made up most of what Itarii could see. Massive girders held the catwalks and ships alike above the wide lane that allowed ships into the port. Peering through the window on the tube, she noted a Repairkin jetting around near the ceiling, welding one of the pipes. They seemed so engrossed in their work, she wondered if they had even seen the ship come in.
Her harness kicked in as she left the tube, pulling gently towards the catwalk. As she stepped down onto it, her boots kicked in and locked in place until she made the motion to take another step forward.
She followed the catwalk towards another airlock. She didn’t see anyone else on the catwalks which unnerved her slightly, but it wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary. I suppose there’s not much need to bustle around a nearly empty hangar when you’re in the middle of nowhere like this. That thought didn’t completely resolve her discomfort, though, so she tapped the side of the communicator, starting a spatial recording.
As she reached the airlock, a small portion of atmosphere hissed out of the edges and two enormous Khinon emerged. They lumbered out, magnetic clasps on both their massive hands and much smaller feet. One of them shoved past her and both continued on their way down the catwalk. She shook it off and continued toward the airlock.
The halls were small and efficient. Less atmosphere, less effort into hiding the fact that she was on a spaceport and not on some exotic planet. In a way, Itarii appreciated it; it was honest about where and what it was. She checked her communicator, making a point to ignore the messages, and requested lodging. A moment later, she had instructions on how to get to a room a short way away from the main hangar.
The trip to her lodgings was about as eventful as the trip from airlock to airlock; empty halls, and few other individuals. The door opened as she swept her communicator over it.
Itarii dropped her bag on the floor near the door, then went through the process of removing the EVA suit and replacing her uniform. The room was small, as she anticipated. It was fairly bare as well, a basic projector attached to the ceiling, a couch that was slightly too big for her, and the standard adjustable bed. Next she started sending queries to the station to figure out where she could get her uniform cleaned, and where she could find some real food. The former was relatively close; station design wasn’t a solved problem, but some questions had clear answers. The latter was far. She would have to decide between a canteen-type area that was close, or a small leisure area that was further. Might as well get some exercise in the process, she thought, deciding on taking a walk further.
With her plan set, she finally sat down to go through her messages. Her feet hung off the edge of the couch, but she assumed these quarters were generally designed for the much larger Khinon; they probably didn’t get visitors often, and if she recalled the numbers that the projector had given her about the planet, almost 90% of the population was Khinon.
The first was a message from the journalist that she’d been ignoring for a while. It had been amended shortly after she had left the group of ships according to the message data.

Hey, as you can probably tell, I’m an investigative journalist looking into this developing race. I heard a rumor that you’d come into contact with them. Would I be able to talk to you for a moment?
Seeing you leaving so quickly, I’m going to assume not. Please reply back and let me know if there’s a better time we can talk. You’re probably busy, but when you have a free second I’d love a chance to learn more about what you’ve seen. Some of the things I’ve seen from the public survey data has me intrigued.
Itarii composed a reply, but didn’t send it yet. She’d noticed the name on one of the other messages, and wanted to figure out what that entailed first. Next, however, she needed to deal with a message that bore an all-too-familiar name.
Seems like you got there on time. Good. Take your cycle, then get back to the hub quick. You have work to do. Consider this a verbal warning. Next time you add unnecessary delays to shipments, especially priority shipments, we’ll be discussing your employment. Pilots aren’t hard to find.
She laughed aloud at that last part; school for pilots took over a decade, and while there were many pilots, there were many more jobs for pilots. Between surveys, patrols, and infrastructure, there was always a need for someone to get people between destinations. Pilots aren’t hard to find my quills.
And for a moment, she wondered. She sent a command back to her ship, instructing it to do a quick scan. Then she opened the final message from diplomat Evos.
I apologize; I had not realized that you were in the middle of something before even the Humans interrupted you. I don’t presume to call myself an expert on these Humans, but you have more experience dealing directly with them than I do, which makes you useful to us. Let me know if you need a hand.
Forgive me for prying and letting you know, but we looked a little into your background. Seems like you could do better for yourself. For the time being I don’t have anything concrete, but we could offer you a position, especially if you aren’t averse to dealing with more Humans.
Let me know what you think.
He’d transcribed their word for their race into the trade language. Itarii pronounced it, and was surprised with how similar it sounded to the original word. Then she typed a reply.
I’m grateful for your consideration. I have been having similar thoughts, and I’m not averse to interacting with more Humans. If three of them can reinvent warp technology, I wonder what will happen if we get more of them together, and I want to be there to see that.
Please don’t send an offer yet, I’d like to return this ship so that things don’t become complicated with the infrastructure group I work for. Then let’s talk. I’ll let you know.
She sent that one, then deleted her draft to the journalist and composed a new one.
Sorry, but my timeline is a little complicated right now, and I’m not sure what questions I can answer yet. My arms are tied. I’d rather not reveal something that ends up becoming a political or diplomatic matter.
And I’d rather not make a judgement about Humans that they might be able to read. She sent that one, too. Sluumoth rarely expected a reply; he only wanted results, which while it was an attitude that she could understand, it wasn’t one she appreciated.
She stood and got ready to leave, but noticed that her upper leg segments were lighter than expected. She retrieved the two cases from her EVA suit, strapped them around her uniform, then walked out the door.
She reached the laundry without issue, and paid a few credits for a quick clean on it. A moment later, she folded it carefully over one arm and returned it to her room. Then she started towards the leisure area.
As she walked, a door opened to what she had assumed was a maintenance hall. An even more massive Khinon than the ones she'd seen emerged from the room.
“Stop right there,” he commanded in a deep voice, “Boss wants to talk to you.”
A/N: Sorry for the cliffhanger and shorter part; I wanted this to be one part, but it looks like it will be two. Work is starting back up for me tomorrow today. I'll probably be posting less frequently, but I'll do my best to keep going. In the interim, you can join the discord and speculate/feed me ideas/help me edit.
First | Previous | Next
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2021.11.29 06:12 XdareckiX Should I upgrade from MBP2020 i5 to MBP2020 M1?

Basically title says it all. I use my MBP (16GB, 4 Thunderbolts) on daily basis and also do some video editing although not heavy, just simple stuff. I also work a lot in Logic Pro making music. I do not play games. Besides poor battery life I am pleased with my PC, didn’t noticed any slowdown or anything. But since M1’s from 2020 are on sale now (at least in Poland) I was thinking about upgrading it. Do you think I will notice big upgrade in terms of performance? I know that battery is greatly improved but just one factor is not a dealbreaker for me. But I think that maybe M1 will last longer.
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2021.11.29 06:12 Frantisek123456f takhle to má vipadat

dejte suba mitovi
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2021.11.29 06:12 bluedragon5945 is there any map contest right now

i wanna join a one
i mean a real contest with my map being really in the game and gems
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2021.11.29 06:12 Jitsuhall Gizmo

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2021.11.29 06:12 Balrov I need help, any tips on how to counter a terminator with this team? Usually i put Aqua in backline and dusk in mid.

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2021.11.29 06:12 Gloomy-Fix4436 What the future brings?

The next game, you guys think they are going to stick to first person perspective, or completely change their direction?... Or something in between? Or something completely different?
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2021.11.29 06:12 juneja-kapil Excel Filters | How to use Filters in Excel

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2021.11.29 06:12 notme145 [Discussion] Teammates for kaggle competition

Hi everyone! I am looking for teammates to participate in the kaggle competition:
Please DM if Interested!
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2021.11.29 06:12 Cracked_Finn Can you play pc required games without pc that meets specifications? I have heard some people use cloud pc to run games. Is it possible?

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2021.11.29 06:12 PrincessArabel Sorry For All The NFL References In My Posts Here, But NFL Pages Using WWE References Is A Direct Shot At Casual Fans Not Existing

Seriously, NFL memes from all over social media regularly use references to either the WWE itself or to WWE history. The most recent was CBS today who posted a meme about the Hardy Boys, standing in for Coach Harbaugh.
Admittedly, this may be a jerk on a jerk (a meta-jerk? an anti-jerk?) because NFL fans reference Attitude Era acts probably proves some point about "lapsed fans" or whatever. But then, you know, I somehow don't think your average football enjoyer looks at the Young Bucks and says "Ahh, yes, exactly like the Stone Cold Steve Austin I remember from my teenaged years".
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2021.11.29 06:12 Thunder3D [Sci-Fi] Flying AI in "Amazing Sci-Fi Vol.1"? I never promised that, it wasn't planned... Or, was it...? ;-)

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