My New mod coming to a discord near you

2021.10.17 08:34 TheOGMilkMan My New mod coming to a discord near you

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2021.10.17 08:34 Laaary_bird In an all time draft with each team picked playing in an 82 game season who would your first pick be?what would your starting 5 look like ?

Popular choice should be mj 1 overall but who’s taken number 2? Is it bill russel? Lebron? Kobe ? Would steph curry still be as effective? Would Shaq dominate wilt? 2k my league has me obsessed with the madness.
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2021.10.17 08:34 glasscat33 I adopted a kitten and a puppy for my NSB Plum generation. The kitten Nurple was loved on here so I figured I'd also show her puppy sibling Grape! Both pets have been uploaded to the Gallery (EA ID GlassGlassGlassG) as a pair and with just Nurple on her own. I will protect them at all costs <3

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2021.10.17 08:34 kl_25 How often do you use Italian?

In South Tyrol, how much of your life is in/how often do you speak Hochdeutsch, how much is in Tirolisch and how much is in Italian? Would it be possible to find jobs, which are only in German/English? Such as at a ski resort or a hotel or something? Are there lots of German/Austrian tourists?
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2021.10.17 08:34 TeenGohan2017 Resources for Physics

I’m currently self studying AP Physics 1 and I’m using the OpenStax textbook to take notes, I was wondering if anyone had good videos to practice/learn for this course
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2021.10.17 08:34 DocSloven X1 E84

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2021.10.17 08:34 worldpatter :D

hi i don't know wich DLC to buy The halloween or descend beyond ( im a killer main )
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2021.10.17 08:34 Nothanks2222 Rate my setup! 3080, 5800x, 16gb

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2021.10.17 08:34 Madgamer438 Bethesda can we get more expensive items in the Atom shop and never have any bug fixes?

I really love being and feeling screwed over by you Bethesda!
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2021.10.17 08:34 KaiserCamHam June 3rd, 1989

I have recently stumbled across a meme of "Tank Man" where the subject of the meme was very comedic. Yet, while analyzing the picture, beyond the edited words, I saw a grim scene. As and American, I have seen this picture of the man in front of a column of tanks holding his groceries, but I never knew the context of this foreign oddity...
Yesterday I watched Frontline PBS's documentary on what happened this day, and wept. Truly something that, if you deem yourself a devout liberal, will enrage your political passions.
Although the picture is photographically comedic, let us never forget what happen this day. If those amongst me happen to stumble on this post, I beg you to at least do the minimal research to hear this story. Remember why we honor those who fight for freedom, and never relent against totalitarianism.
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2021.10.17 08:34 OkWorking7 BD S3 Rocky’s quesadillas

I looked to see if anyone had said anything about this but couldn’t find anything. I’m currently rewatching season 3 and several thoughts keep cropping up in my head. I feel compelled to share them hence the post.

  1. Don the deckhand/2nd engineer is such an arrogant dickhead. It’s wild to me that he seems to have such a problem with authority and such a superiority complex. I get that he’s normally an engineer but I assume he applied/agreed to do the role of deckhand on Below Deck so that he could be on TV. In which case suck it up and stop complaining! You wanted the opportunity to be on tv and that means being a deck hand so just be a deck hand and shut up about it.
  2. Chef Leon has such a terrible attitude. He has no passion for his work, no passion in serving the guests and the way he treated Kate was incredibly immature. His whole “I don’t like you we’ll never be friends” rant was just embarrassing. Like Leon I’m pretty sure Kate has just as little interest in being friends with you and you do with her; she’s not trying to be friends she’s trying to maintain a professional and harmonious working relationship with you. Why was that so hard for him to comprehend?
  3. Rocky. There’s lots of things to say about her. She makes for great tv but my god she would be so annoying to have to spend any time around. I think one of the reasons I found her so annoying was she was so obviously hamming it up for the cameras. Anyway the reason I’m posting now is because she’s making quesadillas but she couldn’t find any chicken or any cheddar cheese so she’s making it with left over steak, burrata and Swiss cheese?? If I asked for a quesadilla and was served that monstrosity I would be baffled. The flavour would be utterly different to what I was expecting. Rocky went on and on about how she loves cooking and she wants to be a yacht chef but every single time I saw her making food it seemed like she’d never cooked anything before in her life, let alone completed culinary school.
I hope this post isn’t too mean. These people just really bother me 😂😂 they also made the season entertaining so I’ll give them that.
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2021.10.17 08:34 tejas1020 Reasons to Learn German - Why Learn German? | | Best Blog 2022 - Ryzen Tejas

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2021.10.17 08:34 rickjamespitch C'tan lunch menu

How much suspension of disbelief did GW have to undertake to establish that a hungry, living, celestial entity, would find more nourishment in a planet's population than an entire star? Or was it just easier to harvest? I'm confident that all the humans that have ever lived don't contain the energy, either calorifically or electrically, of even 1% of the output of a sun. Or did I misunderstand, and they didn't just grow weary of munching on a star and happen across an all you can eat humanoid race? My C'tan and Necron lore is weak at best, if it's not human based, or maybe Eldar, I don't bother reading it.
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2021.10.17 08:34 Zelds72 Any reddit to find a lost family?

Hi, I'm looking for my dad family, since he died when I was 1 years old. The problem is: My mom is Brazilian, he Is american and he died before my mom could meet his family that probably live in the us. Are there any subreddits that could help me?
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2021.10.17 08:34 AffectionateStar52 GIRATINA

5027 7095 5658
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2021.10.17 08:34 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-stanislaw-lec-42

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2021.10.17 08:34 TheCervixDuster Kyuss vinyl

Ok so I’ve recently been lucky enough to have the funds to purchase all Kyuss albums on vinyl(I believe they’re all re-releases). I haven’t opened them yet but my question is how is the sounds quality of each of the albums to everyone else’s experience that has them? Also to people that have the OP how do the new ones stack up to the quality of the old ones?
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2021.10.17 08:34 Why-just-why_007 :0

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2021.10.17 08:34 forzaflash Some defeats are equivalent to Victories..:)

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2021.10.17 08:34 ZoobBot 180129

This is the 180129th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.17 08:34 quochkt589 Number row stops working except 5 and 6.

Recently my YOGA 710-15IKB into problem with my number row keys. Like last week, the number row just randomly stopped working sometimes except 5 and 6 keys. Now, it just stops working completely. I want to make sure if I can fix it myself before I get it repaired (or just get a new one). Oddly enough, when I combine 5 or 6 with other non working keys I get some weird outputs. For example:
543 will reduce my volume
542 will mute it
541 produce `
678 produce =
679 will turn the camera on/off
670 produce -
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2021.10.17 08:34 SnooCakes4716 Hvad blev der egentlig af hele retssagen mod den svenske influencer, som ifølge Fie havde forsøgt at voldtage hende- og hvor hun ledte efter det "andet offer"? 🤔

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2021.10.17 08:34 Turbulent_Round2428 Does anyone else have rosacea/a weird face rash?

And do you feel like it’s at all related to endo?
I notice that during times when I eat less (I also have gastroparesis so go for bits of time without food) that the rash fades. Gluten, caffeine, high histamine foods and alcohol seem to make it flare.
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2021.10.17 08:34 goodtools Crocodiles can jump vertically if they darken. Be careful when crossing bridges close to the river.

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2021.10.17 08:34 AudiATL Android stereo with wireless carplay for Audi a4 avant demo

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