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🌈 Links
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🌈Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4f6c234fcd525e03ecd49fb1ed06166656975aa7#readContract
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2021.09.20 23:13 Crypto-mim Now I introduce a new project that will make success soon - Gistcoin. It's a blockchain-based project developed by a professional team. Don’t miss it.

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2021.09.20 23:13 ElReydelosLocos Homebrew Items

Making some homebrew magic items:
My players just finished axeholm and are wanting to get more items. I'm thinking of having the gnome artificer that they rescued from Gnomengarde start making them, but they need to get ingredients for them to work. Elementally infused weapons, goggles of nightvision, that kind of thing. I'm also considering homebrewing a mask that allows shapechanging into an awakened tree, and making the lute of illusions actually a lute of transformation that can warp reality with practice. Then, I'm going to have the nemesis of one of my characters come along with a super strong party and take it from them.
I want them to start having more encounters where they can negotiate, infiltrate, and generally do non-combat solutions. So far, Icespire Peak has been a bit combat focused, and I think they're getting bored with it. Gonna postpone the dragon battle and the Talos thread until we do some backstory work...
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2021.09.20 23:13 santifont PAQUETE VOLVER AL FUTURO Blu-Ray (blu_ray) está en 371 pesos

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2021.09.20 23:13 krzychuwr1 Anybody else loves Vader Immortal Dojo but hates its load time?

So Vader Immortal (particularly Dojo in part 1) is probably a game I would play almost everyday. But I pretty much never play it, because of the absurd load times.
I often use Oculus just to play for a few minutes, e.g. play a round of beat saber. Seems like Vader Immortal would be perfect fit for it, but with its load times it completely defeats the purpose.
I wonder, do more people feel like this about this game? Maybe if enough people cared about this and voiced feedback to devs, they would take a look at it
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2021.09.20 23:13 theflashsawyer23 What’s the deal with Netflix and Prime having the same titles lately?

I’ve noticed both streaming services tend to have the same films and at the same time; for example The Matrix trilogy was recently added to both platforms (UK). Previously I thought each service had exclusive kinda timeframes with titles
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2021.09.20 23:13 mamaoftwinszz Does anyone know where I can get Antabuse online without a prescription?

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any credible sites to buy Antabuse from without having a prescription. I just asked my doctor for it and she said no (she is literally the WORST). My Husband is in nursing school right now and we haven’t gotten our state insurance yet, so I can’t see another doctor right now. I’m pretty desperate. TIA.
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2021.09.20 23:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Morning mail: Victoria’s construction shutdown, Aukus fallout, fixing fashion | Guardian

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2021.09.20 23:13 -Floccinauci- [LF] NMTs [FT] various items: Cherry’s Photo, Cinnamoroll Sofa, Kiki &Lala Table, 30 Red Ornaments, 2 cancer star fragments, and 1 Gemini fragment

I just restarted and need more NMTs to go villager hunting!
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2021.09.20 23:13 fallingleaves805 $55 Groundfloor Sign-Up ($50 from them and $5 from me)

Groundfloor is a real estate investment app.
Steps to get the bonus:

  1. Sign-up using this Referral for Groundfloor and deposit $10.
  2. Once the deposit is credited to your account your bonus will be added in 1-2 days. You can withdraw your deposit back out if you want.
  3. Message me your name and date of deposit and I’ll send you an extra $5 if you use my referral link. I can pay you via Paypal or Venmo
It's one of the easiest $55 you'll ever get. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thanks
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2021.09.20 23:13 Stormfather21 Tiny pinpricks of color on my computer screen, only visible on white. What are they?

I recently noticed that on white screens I'll see a couple of tiny specks on my screen. These specks change color depending on the angle but they always look shiny/glassy. Sometimes they are black, blue or red. I origionally tried to clean my screen but that didn't work so i'm assuming they have something to do with pixels? What is the best way to fix this? They aren't super annoying just because of how small they are but it would be nice to fix them.
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2021.09.20 23:13 NoLingonberry9246 Hannah server

Hannah server submitted by NoLingonberry9246 to HannahOwO_OnlyFans_ [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 23:13 lil_smd_19 Have you ever played “RAID: SHADOWS Legends!!!”?

View Poll
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2021.09.20 23:13 complitstudent I don’t know if this “counts”…

The other day my boyfriend and i were in bed together, getting ready to go to sleep, things started getting intimate which I was fine with. Then he tried to go down on me - I’m not always comfortable with this, so i tried to push his face away from that area and he stopped for a minute, then tried again and didn’t stop, even when I was trying to shove him away as hard as i could. I even put my feet on his shoulders and was trying to push him away but he didn’t stop for a few minutes. I didn’t say no or anything, I was anxious in the moment and nonverbal so I just let him do it (well, “let”, i was shoving him away pretty hard). After he stopped i was still anxious and we went on to have sex but I couldn’t enjoy it and went to cry in the bathroom afterward.
I haven’t said anything about it to him, I feel like I should’ve said no or I don’t want to to do that. It makes me feel like I can’t trust him though, did he really not feel me pushing, or did he know i was trying to make him stop and just went ahead with it anyway? I don’t know and it makes me feel sick to think about.
Thank you for reading if you did, any advice or encouragement is so appreciated
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2021.09.20 23:13 MephHeddFredd Northern Lights from seeds man taking off after her little flower stretch. Anyone have any experience w seeds man autos?

Northern Lights from seeds man taking off after her little flower stretch. Anyone have any experience w seeds man autos? submitted by MephHeddFredd to Autoflowers [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 23:13 FloraWinx Smoothie tastes burnt

Just made a smoothie with strawberries, prune juice, sea moss, yogurt and mango. But there was smoke coming out of it when I opened it after blending and it tastes burnt.
I used a Nutri Ninja Pro Blender that I bought in 2017. There must be something wrong with it??? I don’t know.
Do you think the smoothie is not safe to drink and I should just toss it and also throw away the blender? I feel bad to waste it tbh but if it’s not safe then I will.
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2021.09.20 23:13 _Blufenschmidt_ Searching a mate

As I say on the title, I'm searching a pal // I'm a bit experienced, I'm going to go thru drummond island, and I play on switch.
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2021.09.20 23:13 ivoiiovi I, too, sold everything today.

but this isn’t any post about my feelings or opinions or why this is different; I’m not looking for moons - actually I want some advice on the next step.
I didn’t need access to my money and I know that even if this Evergrande thing really fucks the cookies the market will recover and my investment would be safe - I could have left everything, tuned out, and set an alarm for a happy pricepoint. I was an idiot who bought my first ETH with almost all my savings when it peaked in May, so I already watched my savings temporarily dissolve to almost nothing and I just looked past it, cycled the mountains all summer, and stayed happy without paying attention. HOWEVER, the other stupid thing I did back then was buy my ETH in Revolut, which I use for most of my banking as I live in a country where I cannot yet get a local bank account. Revolut sucks so bad that you can’t move anything to a wallet and certainly can’t stake, so while slowly getting my average ETH price down to about $3,000 I was also thinking to sell everything and reinvest on a different platform. long story short: today seemed like a good day to do that (although I wish I’d done it a couple of weeks ago and actually made some money! but no loss except maybe a few euro, so I’m happy enough).
Now I have nothing and I will be following things a little more closely in the next days before I start to DCA and hopefully start building things up with a much better price. But.. where should I go? What are my best options for exchange and staking? I have coinbase (and actually, come to think of it, I still have some measly crumb of ETH there so what I said above is not totally true) and Binance but I know there are better options. what is the consensus for secure and simple?
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2021.09.20 23:13 lukelinux Found a 42U server rack at Goodwill, I'm going to go ahead and call this one a win :D

Found a 42U server rack at Goodwill, I'm going to go ahead and call this one a win :D submitted by lukelinux to homelab [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 23:13 Pretty-Sport2993 Looking for a freshman who’s attending the first look fair

And is willing to serve as a subject for a project I want to shoot. I’ll pay you $50. DM for more info.
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2021.09.20 23:12 GuyintheSky577 This leaf imprint on the sidewalk by my school.

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2021.09.20 23:12 DaveTheBraveEh Prius + Baja = Ute

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2021.09.20 23:12 Ambitious_History723 An Overhaul Analysis of RWBY Part 1: The Fall of Beacon

I see a lot of people analyze RWBY’s individual parts rather than the show as a whole (even Hbomberguy’s excellent video only talks about the Beacon Arc). Today I decided to change that.
On a series of posts, I’m gonna analyze different aspects of RWBY (like its plot, animation, etc…) and see how they stack up overhaul. The main reason why I wanted to do that was to see if RWBY can be enjoyed as an entire show due to its nature as a serialized story.

But before going to the meatier parts of this analysis, we will start slow and talk about the biggest event in the history of RWBY as a show: The Fall of Beacon. Starting in Episode 9 of Volume 3 and ending in the middle of the season finale, this event was what started the plot of Modern RWBY.
It is also regarded by many as the show’s high point (even those that dislike RWBY tend to see The Fall as a really good patch of episodes). But why is it so good and why the writers weren’t able to convert its success to the long run? I’m gonna talk about this. But first, we need to set the stage.
Even though the show took a more serialized approach after The fall, before that it was more of an episodic affair. Sure some plot points (Blake vs The White Fang especially) were used to glue each episode together, but a viewer could start watching RWBY when the girls go to Mount Glen and miss very little. On top of that, the show had a more comedic tone. And the jokes were from the family-friendly variety.
Also, there was the plot armor around the main cast. Most fights in RWBY had very few things at risk and losses weren’t that big of a deal (Ex: Yang after losing to Neo just gets up and keeps fighting), the same was true about the villains. As a result, most conflicts between our heroes and villains resulted in only minor victories on both sides (at least at the time)
All these factors combined to create a feel that RWBY was a Saturday morning cartoon with some minor dark elements (Faunus Racism, the Grimm, etc…) and at first, it seemed like Volume 3 would be the same. However, two interesting things happened in this Volume. For one, we started to focus on another character.
Volumes 1 and 2 had as main driving forces Blake (in team RWBY) and Jaune (in team JNPR), but Volume 3 shifted to Pyrrha’s perspective, with Blake and Jaune only getting small turns in the spotlight at the end of the Volume.
This shift in perspective brought with it the introduction of the Maiden Powers and the emotional hook of this season: whether or not Pyrrha would become a Maiden.
The second interesting thing was the end of Yang and Mercury’s fight and how the blond was framed for something she didn’t do.
Both moments were darker than the standard RWBY affair and hinted that this Volume would bring new things, but nothing too out of the ordinary. In other words, the show could still return to its normal tone.

But after PvP, things would never be the same. Seeing Penny, an important character introduced back in Volume 1 being accidentally killed by this Volume’s main character set a precedent that the show would carry to the Volume Finale.
For one, we had the first MAJOR move by either the heroes or the villains and said move ended with victory for the villains. On top of that, their actions resulted in the death of the show’s most innocent character by the hand of one of the show’s moral pillars. It was shockingly dark and I LOVE IT!
From there, things would go even darker. Grimm started attacking and killing innocents, Atlas’s robots are hacked and turned against their owners, the White Fang attacks Beacon. It’s all wonderful chaos.
But, there is still hope! If Pyrrha gets the Maiden powers transferred to her, it could give the heroes a chance. The scene of the power transfer happens simultaneously with the scene of Adam owning Blake, but there is hope for both sides.
On the transfer side, it has begun. And while painful, some of the Maiden powers have already gone to Pyrrha. On the Adam vs. Blake side, Yang has arrived looking for her friend. It seems that things could return to a status quo (even if it would end with the heroes changed by what they have seen).
But that’s not what happened… Cinder kills Amber before the transfer could be complete, and therefore secures her place as the only Fall Maiden. Meanwhile, Yang’s rescue attempt resulted in her falling into Adam’s trap and losing her arm.
It’s scary, dark, and most of all, ballsy! So far the Volume 3 finale has been nothing but bleakness and hopelessness, which stands in contrast to the brighter earlier seasons, and this contrast makes the Fall such a wonderful part. And the best is yet to come…

As I said, Pyrrha is the main character for this Volume. But before that, she was an important supporting character. And during the Beacon Dance, she reveals that nobody dared to ask her to the dance because they saw her as “too good for them”
That is the curse of Pyrrha Nikos. She’s an extraordinary fighter and a Beacon (no pun intended) of good morals, but being so good can be isolating. For most of her life, it was isolating! Things only changed when she became a part of team JNPR. There she was treated like any other girl because for her teammates, that was what she was.
And just when she was starting to get used to being a normal girl, her extraordinary abilities call her. She’s the best candidate to become a Maiden, a woman with great powers and even greater responsibilities. If she accepts this, then any normalness in her life is gone.
This is why at first, she doesn’t know what to say. The world is calling for her to be their guarding angel, but does she want to be one? And why her of all people it’s the person good enough for this? Could it be destiny?
She goes to fight Penny with those thoughts, and leaves the fight with a resolution: She needs to become a Maiden to fight for the innocents. Only she can save Beacon and protect the world from these evil forces that attacked Beacon.
She goes to Ozpin with that resolve in her mind, but that gets shattered when Cinder kills Amber, stopping the transformation. After that Pyrrha becomes something she never was before: useless. Ozpin even says that she and Jaune would only get in his way in the fight against Cinder.
But that can’t be it! She is destined to be great right? After all, she was so good that for most of her life! How can she be useless now? When she is needed the most! When she finally accepted the fact that she is special! Pyrrha must deny that fact, which is why she goes to fight Cinder. She goes there to fulfill her destiny.

Pyrrha is a subversion of the chosen one and the hero's journey. She’s someone with great powers that make her special (maybe even save the world special). So she’s called to action, however, she refuses the call at first.
So far, a pretty standard Joseph Campbell story. The twist comes when she accepts the call to action too late. Now she is a hero without a journey, and she must find one for her. So she goes to fight Cinder, but even though she was treated as special (both by the characters and the show itself), she doesn’t do much.
Cinder easily defeats Pyrrha, killing her without even sweating. What makes this death even sadder is also how it was directed. Penny’s death and Yang losing her arm were treated with this gravity. Slow-motion combined with somber music to emphasize how sad both events were.
Pyrrha meanwhile, just gets shot in the chest, gasps for a while, and dies. No slow-motion or dramatic final words, all shot as coldly as possible. As if to say: “Pyrrha is not special.” An ironic and tragic end to the main character of this Volume
After that Ruby activates her silver eyes and the Fall is over, with the rest of episode 12 dealing with its aftermath. It isn’t hard to see why The Fall of Beacon was as impactful as it was. The stakes were never higher and the show was never bleaker.
And yes, The Fall is a great story arc! Within the first three Volumes, that is. But remember, I’m not analyzing how The Fall worked as its own thing, I’m analyzing how it fits into the larger RWBY plot. And in that case, we need to look deeper.
You see, this arc serves as a turning point for the series. And here’s the thing about turning points: they point the story into a new direction. Shocking I know! But that’s not all. The new directions in which the series go after the turning point is usually determined by the turning point itself.
So, let’s try to guess the future of RWBY by looking only at The Fall of Beacon:
Firstly, based on how the villains executed the fall, I expect them to act in the shadow and smartly. Only acting at the right moment to deal the most damage. Based on Penny’s death, I also expect those actions to lead to deadly results, with no supporting character being safe. And finally, based on both Pyrrha’s death and in Yang losing her arm, I expect the characters to act more carefully or pay the price (even if it’s a fatal one).
If you were paying attention you can see how NONE of the things promised by The Fall actually happened! The fact that Cinder acts recklessly is a joke by this point as is Adam’s final attack against Blake. Far from the calculating actions that made The Fall such a success for them.
Characters dying as a whole: From The Fall of Beacon onwards the only type of people that dies in the show were villains (The Albain brothers, Lionheart, Adam), villains turned heroes (Vine and Hazel) and heroes turned villains (Ironwood and Clover). Basically, if you are, became, or were in opposition to team RWBY, you’re in danger.
The one exception for this rule is Penny, who already died once. So let me correct my statement: Basically, if you got killed once or if you are, became, or were in opposition of team RWBY, you’re in danger. But only a few characters fit in this camp.
Compare that to the Fall when a big friend of THE main character (in theory) got killed just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time! The latter is definitely more unpredictable and exciting than the former…
And finally, what about other consequences like scars? After all, Yang losing her arm was as significant as the deaths, and it enriched the story far more than death could. Well, here are the three moments since The Fall where a protagonist got physically scarred.

  1. Weiss getting impaled in Vol 5. She quickly recovers physically and emotionally with the only way for us to see the scar being with an unlikely scene where Weiss is either nude or semi-nude (wearing a bathing suit for example)
  2. Nora’s scars in Vol 8. Physically it takes a while for her to recover, but the scars start were much better at the end of the Volume and barely noticeable when Nora’s using her normal outfit, the same goes for her emotional state. Just like Weiss, the only way for us to better see the scar is with an unlikely nude or semi-nude scene!
  3. Winter Vs Cinder Volume 7. Nothing to recover from an emotional standpoint and physically recovers between Volumes 7 and 8 with the scars hidden by her outfit. The only way for us to see the scar is with an UNLIKELY NUDE OR SEMI-NUDE SCENE!
Yang losing her arm changed her both physically and mentally forever. You cannot write Yang the way she is today without having her lose that fucking thing! But you can write a version of Volume 9 where Weiss was never impaled, Nora was never scarred and Winter never lost that badly to Cinder.
And it’s not like the characters started to act more logically and less emotionally. Ruby doesn’t trust Ironwood only based on her guts, the same goes for Blake and Yang’s decision of telling Robin.
So if RWBY didn’t go in the direction The Fall set to it, then to what direction it went? Well…
The show is a more serialized affair with a light comedic tone. And the jokes were from the family-friendly variety. Also, there is the plot armor around the main cast. Even though most fights in RWBY had very high stakes, losses are nowhere to be seen.
All these factors combined to create a feel that RWBY is an edgy Saturday Morning Cartoon. Basically, RWBY was a late 80’s Cartoon before The Fall and a late 90’s Cartoon after it. With that in mind, is clear to see that The Fall didn’t need to happen as it did in the show.
Only four things that happened back in Vol 3 are relevant in the modern season: Ozpin’s death, Roman’s death, Ruby activating her Silver Eyes, and Yang losing her arm. Outside of that everything can be changed. Penny can be just exposed as a robot (and saved by an Atlas personnel) instead of killed, and Pyrrha could have been defeated by Cinder and not killed (with all of Jaune’s sadness for losing her going to Pyrrha for not succeeding in becoming the maiden)
So in the end, The Fall of Beacon is a wonderful conclusion for the first three Volumes, but a disingenuous mini-arc within RWBY as a whole. The Fall of Beacon is the equivalent of a driver going through a roundabout to change from the slow lane to the faster. You took an unnecessary turn to change very little
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2021.09.20 23:12 andioopbitch Your opinion about Cannon in RoCo

View Poll
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2021.09.20 23:12 Temporary_Cut9037 Baby Shinji

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of teen Shinji hugging baby Shinji. It's meant to be a piece about learning to love yourself and embracing your inner child. However, this scene in particular obviously never shows up in the show or movies, so I'm trying to find stills to help me come up with a design to see if I like it enough to get it tatted on me. If ya'll could help me out with a couple questions, that would be great.

If anyone could answer any of these questions I would appreciate it tons, and if you've even got the specific episode or movie where it happens, your beautiful soul will travel the universe encased in Unit 01 as a reward for your kindness.
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