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2021.09.20 21:33 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie fight in Utah described in 911 call | NY Post

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2021.09.20 21:33 SKCham Better Look at new White Kachina jerseys

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2021.09.20 21:33 9shadowcat9 Is the work environment I’ve created on my team too exclusive?
A reader writes:
I’m writing this question based on feedback received from an exit interview.
A woman in her mid-30’s left my department after a little over a year. When giving her notice, she commented that she was taking a job closer to home (she had an hour commute each way some days) and had wanted to go back to a position closer to her original line of work. Her senior team members and I were sad to see her go.
HR sent me the results of her exit interview and wanted to discuss “the cultural problems in my department.” On the exit interview, the former employee mentioned that my staff leaves at lunch one day per week to go to a brewery for a beer run (which is true, I allow this) and she was often the only team member in the office; her fellow associates were unwilling to assist her and spent time on social media such as Snapchat, creating an exclusive environment (she was more quiet, older than the 20somethings in the position, and not as much into social media); and that interdepartmental relationships created power dynamics that ruined morale (one of my newly promoted seniors was sleeping with an associate and it wasn’t noticed by me or any other executives).
I don’t feel like this is a cultural issue; I think this was her not being a good fit for our team. I do allow my staff to go to breweries as long as they have coverage. I encourage my staff to be friends in and outside of work and I cannot monitor relationships. At no point did the employee bring this to my attention during our informal one-on-ones. She was extremely quiet and kept to herself, and she didn’t mingle with the team because of her commute and commitments she had (she’s married with a kid and had recently bought a house). Am I in the wrong or is the former employee just out of touch with how a team of professional millenials works?
Yeah, you’re kind of in the wrong. If you’re determining that someone isn’t a good fit for you team because they’re 10 years older than everyone else and have outside-of-work commitments, that’s a problem. That mindset means that you’ll be screening out anything resembling a diverse staff. You want people who come from different walks of life and have different/more experiences and perspectives. That will make your team stronger. (What you’re doing now can also end up being discriminatory in a legal sense, depending on the specifics of how it plays out.)
This is the kind of thing that has given the term “culture fit” a bad name — because you’re using it to mean “people who fit in here are all in the same age group and stage of life” (as opposed to legitimate uses of the term, which are things like “people who fit in here care passionately about making customers happy” or “people who fit in here have a sense of urgency and drive work forward at a fast pace”).
The brewery thing isn’t necessarily a problem. But if it’s indicative of an environment where people who don’t fit a narrowly defined idea of “culture” won’t feel comfortable, that’s a problem. And for what it’s worth, a weekly beer run is … well, a very specific type of culture, so if you’re doing that, you want to make sure that it’s a deliberate choice to build that particular culture, and that you can defend it to higher-ups.
People spending time on social media isn’t a big deal in many jobs, but if your former employee is right that people weren’t willing to help her and were spending lots of time on social media, that’s something you should look at.
The senior person sleeping with an associate is a huge problem if the senior person had any kind of authority over the associate or if it created office dynamics that impacted other people, which sounds like might have been the case. If they went out of their way to hide it from you, it’s not necessarily your fault that you didn’t know about it, but if other people knew, the fact that you didn’t might — not definitely, but might — indicate that you’re not paying enough attention.
And this jumps out at me: “I encourage my staff to be friends in and outside of work.” That’s an odd overstepping of boundaries. Of course you should encourage people to have warm, collaborative relationships with colleagues. But specifically encouraging friendships? If people develop friendships on their own, that’s lovely. But that’s a different thing than you actively encouraging it, especially outside of work. Combined with the other details in your letter, this sounds to me like you might be emphasizing the social connections on your team at the expense of professionalism and inclusivity.
So yes, I think your HR department is right to be concerned. You need to be able to hire a diverse staff — people with kids, people with long commutes, people who are much older, people from different cultures or economic backgrounds, people with different drinking habits, people with varying degrees of introversion or extroversion — and have them able to work comfortably on your team.
Right now, you sound too comfortable with writing off people who don’t fit in socially with other staff, and you’re prizing social connections too strongly. To be clear, social connections can have real value. They can keep people happy at work, and they can make it easier for people to work together harmoniously. But they don’t trump the other stuff I’m talking about here.
Right now, I think you probably have the balance wrong, and that’s what HR is concerned about.
Letter Writer’s comment
There was more to this that came out after she left:
Her co-workers in her pod had taken pictures of her and captioned them inappropriately on SnapChat-making fun of her weight, her clothes/style, how much water she drank etc. Someone who had seen them had saved them and also complained to HR. When I find out who complained, I want to move them to another team.
We are in insurance/brokerage firm as part of a larger Fortune 500 company. The brewery was owned by a company whose business we were trying to attract. No one ever asked her but just assumed that she would cover for them because she had made statements that she wasn’t a drinker anyway.
The associates sleeping with one another was knowledge across the team by that point but not to me. They did work on the same accounts so they were reporting to one another. I’m 28 and this was my first management job; I wanted to build a team that would work well with me and share my ideas of a good time so work is fun. If I knew she would have been like this, I would have pushed back on my director not to hire her in favor for someone younger but she had a fantastic background that wowed my higher ups.
I was fired today without severance. When my letter was published, I was already on suspension based on the exit interview investigation, poor management practices and complaints from other areas, none of which I believe are accurate. HR and the management team stated I had mismanaged my team and the ex-employee. I had given assignments meant for her and assigned to her by my director to other members on the team because I wanted to develop them, including my newly promoted senior. As a manager, I knew my team better. Giving special assignments to her, even though it was her role, screwed over my long term team members who would complain to me. I had also downgraded her end-of-year evaluation. I don’t think she deserved the praise she received from the sales staff, my directorand client executives. Her work just wasn’t that good to me. I thought if my team and I froze her out, she would leave. I called it un-managing.
My team found her quietness and her ability to develop sales presentations and connect with each client was very show-off-like. When she asked for help, we didn’t take it seriously because we thought she acted like she knew everything and she was making us look bad by always going above and beyond for no reason. My team and I had worked together for 5-6 years so I knew them, their work and their personalities better than anyone else so I took what they said with more seriousness. I also thought that her years of experience were irrelevant; she didn’t have anything beyond a bachelor’s degree (most of us were smart and dedicated enough to get a masters) and her experience was in a different subset of insurance.
HR and my regional vice president stated she had been hired to fill a role for a growing segment of our business and should have functioned as a team consultant. I used her as an associate so it didn’t make waves with the rest of the team. By losing her, we lost clients and leverage in the marketplace. Our sales territory couldn’t afford to lose any more business under my “mismanagement” and the HR was worried about damage to the brand name. During her employment, my director and I had several meetings on her role as she also dotted line reported to him. I had continued to be insubordinate because ex-employee, in my opinion, didn’t fit in and needed to earn her way to what my director had envisioned for her. If her role had panned out, she would have been higher up than me after two years when I had been there for five.
HR told me the brewery beer runs were against company policy and I should have stopped the SnapChats, especially those who had it on their company phones. I disagree that it was bullying because she wasn’t on Snap so if she didn’t see it, how is this bullying? I also don’t know how/if I should have monitored this with my team. My entire team was fired. The reasons for the firings included alcohol at work, even though we were physically at the brewery, inappropriate social media behavior, and not meeting the code of conduct.
I’m not sure the lesson(s) I’m supposed to learn; I feel like I was the scapegoat for a favored employee’s reason to leave. Being dedicated to your work doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the same time. My former team and I are wondering if we can take action against ex-employee — her exit interview damaged our reputation, our team, and our careers.
With this letter-writer’s permission, I’m also printing here some of the email exchange that I had with her after receiving this update.
Me: I’m sorry to ask this, but I’m trying to figure out if this is real or not. There’s a lot in here that’s making me question it. You haven’t responded to any of the points brought up in my original answer or in the comments. Why?
Letter-writer (LW): Because I disagree with your points and I don’t want to constantly defend myself. My ex employee made me look bad and I thought that as Ask a Manager you would side with a manager.
… I still think my entire situation is messed up that my team got tanked because of someone who couldn’t handle the office and who didn’t need to be there anyway. I get that I am a shitty manager unless you actually worked with me but I worked with friends for 5 years. I didn’t want the ex employee to begin with. So I wanted to make it uncomfortable for her to leave and didn’t think I’d lose my job in the process.
Me: Do you not understand that what you did was illegal? (Note: When I wrote this, I was thinking the employee was in her 40s, which would mean age discrimination laws were in play. Upon re-reading the letter, she’s actually in her 30s so my point here was poorly formed.)
LW: Is it illegal to not like someone? No one got hurt except for someone’s feelings and she left the company. I don’t understand what or how I did was illegal. I’m not getting the lesson that I should have learned. I should not have been fired because someone didn’t like how she was being managed. She left on her own terms. It’s not like I fired her and if I did, I work in an at will state so I could have gotten rid of her at any time. But I’m not that mean.
Me: It’s illegal to retaliate against someone (like moving them to another department or taking them off assignments, etc.) for reporting harassment. You opened your company up to legal jeopardy. At-will employment has exceptions to it, including retaliation after someone reports harassment. Beyond that, you’ve been managing your team in really horrible, ineffective ways, and it sounds like you’re not willing to do serious reflection on that. You’re digging in your heels and insisting that what you did wasn’t a big deal, but any decent company will think it’s a very big deal — so you’re really hurting yourself professionally by refusing to change your thinking.
LW: I didn’t retaliate. I wanted to remove the SnapChat person but I didn’t. I’m still upset that happened. I still don’t understand why getting angry over someone not coming to me first but going to HR is that big of a deal.
Me: There are a lot of really good, detailed explanations in the comment section on the post. I recommend reading them with an open mind, because they will definitely explain where you went wrong. I hope you’re open to changing your thinking, so that you’re able to move forward in your career without being hindered by this. Otherwise it’s going to continue to harm you over and over.
LW: Ok but can I still get some credit for NOT doing it though? Or not firing ex employee? Or for looking out for my team and giving them opportunities? Isn’t that what managers do?
Final update
I wanted to provide an update. I spent August and the first half of September attending some pretty intensive therapy which was beneficial. In therapy, I learned how to deal with people who challenged me past my comfort zone. It also made me step back and realize that I don’t ever want to manage again and that my personality is not one suited for management. I also had the ability to step back and review my behavior: I was self destructive in the work place and those behaviors rubbed off on my team as my team members were younger and more impressionable. I plan to continue individual therapy.
I did get a new job. I started a new position in marketing (which is what my degreee is in). It’s a few steps above entry level in a small firm where I’ll be under more supervision. I’m excited to move on from my mistakes.
Thank you to you and your readers for your advice. While the comments were harsh, I took the time to read them a few times over throughout the course of therapy. It’s tough to hear how much people think you suck but it helped me get back on track.
I wish you and your readers the best for the remainder of 2017 and beyond.
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2021.09.20 21:33 d-n-y- Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Royal Voices Of Life: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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2021.09.20 21:33 crunchytoast12 A “theoretical” question…

So, I work at Tesco in a big extra store, and for personal reasons I won’t go into further details. Let’s say that a senior manager was to have a ahem sexual relationship with a ( adult) GA colleague, and word travels and it’s not just heresay, they have been caught doing inappropriate things in the workplace in what they thought was “privacy”. Let’s say he got this GA pregnant and blatantly showed preferential treatment in many many ways in which I couldn’t list here. What would Tesco’s position be on this as yes they are consenting adults, but it has made his position somewhat untenable in a lead manager role in the store?
Any advice would be appreciated, as this manager in question has been known to be a bully boy and have no qualms about making work life hell for certain individuals.
Please understand I am not trolling, I have been employed at this store for many years but recent developments are effecting store moral at this point.
P.S Before anyone suggests a union rep, that would put my job at risk due to confidentiality issues.
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2021.09.20 21:33 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Some Afghan girls return to school, others face anxious wait | NY Post

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2021.09.20 21:33 zizzle6717 Looking for constructive feedback on App that I've been developing. A sort of "Geo-Social Network"

I'll keep it brief and add detail in the comments.
The app is a social platform that I like to call a "Geo-Social Network." The key difference between other platforms out there (FB, Insta, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) is that content is only activated when you are nearby the original location that it was shared. After activating content, it becomes available to re-view or interact with any time.
So this means the app could be open or running in the background and it picks up new content as you travel and walk around.
Aside from this main feature, you could expect any of the other common functionality of a social network. I have a near complete MVP that I'm planning to put in the app store as a beta and refine user research.
I'm interested in your opinion of the app. Try to be constructive and offer ideas for improved functionality or key areas to focus on. I'm also primarily a developer with a bit of business background, so I'm looking for startup advice as well, such as how to gather user feedback and how to attract investors.
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2021.09.20 21:33 pearlofwine I'm sick of my life revolving around fighting urges.. I want to do other things!

I'm day 14 and it's the longest streak I've ever had and it has been so incredibly challenging. I am very proud of my progress and I couldn't have done it without this community. But again I'm spending another evening trying to distract myself from my urges and not give in. Its paralyzing. I need to study and make dinner but I'm so desperate to jerk off. I gotta get a grip, I'm gonna make dinner now but ik that as soon as I go back to my room I'll start thinking about it again. Maybe I could wait until I'm so tired that I gotta sleep before going back.
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2021.09.20 21:33 PreferenceImportant3 [H] Unlocking Onlyfans SUBS and content for 20% of the price. [W] Cryptos PayPal and Giftcard accepted

I'm providing a service which you can use to unlock anything or Onlyfans images videos profiles anything for 20% of the price means 80% OFF.
I'll upload it on mega and send you the link. The process will take time based on the contents available on their profile But if it's available on their profile I can get in 10 mins.
Telegram Username @PreferenceImportant3
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2021.09.20 21:33 KrazyKatLady27 Coochies the restaurant- a convo I think Jenna and Julen would have

I was having some issues with my lady bits previously. Last weekend my bf had come to see me. We were in the car to get food, with me driving since I know the area better and have the following conversation:
Bf: How's coochies? M: Its ok I guess. Still have a dose of the meds I have to take.
Bf turns to me a bit confused: No the restaurant M just as confused: I thought you were asking about mine... There's a restaurant called Coochies?
Bf now even more confused: I care about yours, but no we're going for food and haven't decided where to go....Ummmm is it Laura's then? Me: There isn't a place called Laura's either. What kinda food do they have?
Bf: You know that place we went with the food. M: That narrows it down. Bf: With the Pot of Gold M: You mean Vinny's?😂😂😂😂😂😂 Bf: Same difference.
We get close to the restaurant Bf: See it looks like it could say Coochies M: That looks nothing like Coochies besides who tf would name their restaurant that? Bf: I know a place, but its spelled C-u-c-c-i-'-s. Its a nice family joint M: Sounds like it 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
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2021.09.20 21:33 ashlyrind7 BOTOX, NO PAIN PEOPLE, take it!

Ok I am alwYs a level 8 pain and swallowing advil like its water. Im on disabilty but was covered for botox.
Im 28f. I was supposed to get surgery 5 years ago. However for now botox is a temperorary MUST. I got it recently. No pain supposed to last 6 months. They did around my ear, jawline, back of my head, neck, and shoulder.
I could sleep. Now i can. I dont need to ice my head everynight. Dont know the last time i took advil. I still am scared to eat on my jaw side but i can eat harder foods AND open my jaw wider. I have energy because im not in pain and most of all
So if you can get your insurance to cover it under pain management do it.
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2021.09.20 21:33 opulentgreen Introducing r/dysrhythmia

dysrhythmia is a subreddit dedicated to talking about Thalamocortical Dysrhythmia and it’s related symptoms. Symptoms like VSS, Tinnitus, Epilepsy, and whatever.
It’s mostly targeted at research studies and posts from this sub will regularly be crossposted there along with posts from other research subs like visualsnow.
It’s also looking for mods, and I’m hoping to make moderators from this sub and related subs moderators instead.
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2021.09.20 21:33 Lushac Analog Clock using HTML, CSS and Javascript

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2021.09.20 21:33 burningpixies i literally j thought “he opened it 14 seconds ago and hasn’t answered yet he hates me” WHAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO SAY IN 14 SECONDS STFU 😭😭

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2021.09.20 21:33 yougethepoint My mental health and confidence is in pieces and this picture is awful - thanks for coming to my ted talk

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2021.09.20 21:33 Manaoscola Can confirm

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2021.09.20 21:33 smugmisswoodhouse I'm interested in reading some Joe Abercrombie, but need a little help.

I caught Joe Abercrombie's AMA last week and that - plus some of the comments- really made me want to read his stuff. I've heard some great things about his First Law series, but is this the best place to start? Does he have any stand alone books?
Also, how much sexual content is in his writing? I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I tend to feel like sex scenes in books are really cringe. Like, I've never read a sex scene and thought, "Wow, reading about how that person used their genitals with that other person's genitals really advanced the story line and enhanced the development of the character! I definitely don't at all feel like I was just reading the author's secret sexual fantasies!"
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.20 21:33 Wizardofchoice GRIFTER GREG AT IT AGAIN! Pushing a clear pump and dump scheme on unsuspecting Broncos fans. SAD!

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