Source code for CMMC-compliant application

2021.09.20 21:58 odieman44 Source code for CMMC-compliant application

Hi all,
My organization is looking to make one of our applications CMMC-compliant. We're going to be working through a gap assessment over the next few weeks, but I have a fundamental question that is going to drive our direction now. We currently use Azure DevOps for source control, and the application source code currently exists in an Azure DevOps git repository that is tied to our (non GCC-High) Azure AD tenant.
My question is, do we have to move the source code for the application to a separate git repository that is in GCC-High? If not, will we be able to deploy using Pipelines to the GCC-High tenant?
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2021.09.20 21:58 Boobr Massive performance hit every main character turn

Anyone ever experienced this one? I get a huge fps hit every turn that my player character takes. All other companions have normal fps, but my main char? Oooh boy I get to like 5-10 fps.
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2021.09.20 21:58 littlemacsvoltorb Botchamania 441

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2021.09.20 21:58 Connect-Tourist3823 Why the hell is happening

When I try to play with my friends it keeps saying game version mismatch does anyone know why
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2021.09.20 21:58 Failcorn1 Pain in brachioradialis when lifting heavy/armwrestling

When I'm engaging my brachioradialis like full effort, I get this immense pain when I'm releasing/disengaging the muscle. The pain is temporary and the muscle doesn't hurt afterwards but this has bren going on for a long time now and I have no idea if it's normal or bad.
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2021.09.20 21:58 crazy_snail_ Need opinion

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2021.09.20 21:58 Stiffflersmom Would you do the same dating Activities on the same places with a new partner?

My ex left me for someone else and is now doing the exactly same things with her. Even the place we had our first kiss he visited with her. I would never do that because it reminds me to that Person, am i strange or is he?
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2021.09.20 21:58 Lidiapanek19 Please help me find an IPA copy of the iPad version for “Toy Story Showtime!” app!

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2021.09.20 21:58 iirelay L'évolution des exportations d'armement français depuis 2011.

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2021.09.20 21:58 crusader1094 a 6 hour long dlc for an 18 year old game is on sale for $7.49... battlefield 1 a 5 year old game was on sale in july for $4.8, almost half its price. Activision 🤡 what a joke

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2021.09.20 21:58 sanosake1 Newberg school staffer shows up in Blackface

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2021.09.20 21:58 crubfishboy Ah checks out

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2021.09.20 21:58 Weeping_willow_trees [Thank you] An early thank you in advance for some cards that arrived early! Thank's to all of you for helping me celebrate my T day!

u/Nurse-Noodle – honestly I’m astounded by the amount of thought and time that went in to making this work of art, It was the first I opened and I nearly cried it was so beautiful. Thank you so much, and yes! I would totally love to penpall! I’m sending you something back <3
u/arrow5555 Another amazing peace of art! I love all the cutouts you put on these, as well as the adorable flag on the front. Thanks so much!!! And totally rad space stickers!
u/Sunnybunnypop your words were incredibly sweet, and so heartwarming to read. I also hope there are many more of these celebrations too!
u/travel4me22 Such a cute card!!! I love the little birdies, and am such a huge fan of mushrooms! We’re studying a lot of fungi in one of the classes I’m in right now, so they’ve been in my brain a lot recently!
u/laura_eva So many wonderful quotes! I will absolutely treasure every one of them, and I LOVE the “you are made of stars” card! That one looks so scenic, and perfect for my card wall!
u/romanf22 What a cute little critter on the card you sent!!! Is that watercolor you did yourself??! It’s so cute and I appreciate it so much! I loved what you said, and the fact that it’s something you made makes it all the more special <3
u/ashikubi I am truly overwhelmed with how kind and generous what you sent was – these stickers are amazing, and I absolutely love the ones you picked. The Little Prince postcard is adorable, and I will absolutely be writing you back!!!
u/dogluvr1815 Honestly you could not have sent a more perfect postcard – I have a tattoo of a hedgehog, and my family is very celtic and I’ve been very into that mythology my whole life. The hedgehog surrounded by the runes could not have made me smile more when I opened it!
u/pullingback OMG the stickers on the outside of this card!!! The sharks are soooo cute! Thank you for sending your kind words along with these little fish boys <3
u/shimmer_bee The affirmation card was absolutely my favorite! I may be a dinosaur crossed with a tank internally, but I honestly wish I was on the outside too! How cool would that be, right? Everything you sent was so wonderful, thank you so much!!! <3
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2021.09.20 21:58 B00gizzl3 Studying and boredom are gonna be a thing of the past

We all remember what we are thought about Economy in elementary school. Do you think children will learn about cryptocurrency in elementary school one day? Like they are learning about banks?
Crypto is already entering the educational system. Studyum is experimenting with decentralising the educational system. I am for one looking forward to the renewing influence that crypto can have on our educational system...
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2021.09.20 21:58 NoleFan723 He's such a joke

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2021.09.20 21:58 hotwhlz My Unicornos collection

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2021.09.20 21:58 LordMacragge How far will anti-aging technology take us?

Like, will we be able to get to the point where everyone looks 25.....until they die?
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2021.09.20 21:58 Guilty_Option1411 Just got approved by the king

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2021.09.20 21:58 7thNighthawk Don't Fliegerfaust the admin too often

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2021.09.20 21:58 StraikoiD [RAM] G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 4266 - $216.99 ($309.99 - 93 w/ promo 93STLTD54B)

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2021.09.20 21:58 tomasves02 What is the last time you felt embarrassed?

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2021.09.20 21:58 MrEddva Kitkuo nebepasitikiu

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2021.09.20 21:58 emsigor Don't Look at This Art...! #shorts

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2021.09.20 21:58 Limp_Pineapple4888 24 [M4F] Looking for a New Friend

I'm hoping to find a fun, creative friend to get to know online.
- I’m a 24 year old graduate student
- my hobbies include film (also my profession), gaming (ps5, switch and Pc) traveling, cooking, working out. id love if you're also someone who goes to the gym regularly as I do.
- I could talk forever with you about film, all aspects of it, I love the horror, fantasy, war, crime, and sci-fi genres especially
- I enjoy a healthy mix of someone who likes sports, gaming, art etc. so I consider myself a well rounded person
As for my personality I consider myself very laid back, someone who is easy to talk to and extremely understanding. I enjoy having deep conversations as well asking you about your day
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2021.09.20 21:58 ls_lisn A China vai começar a estatizar tudo e deveremos ter uma imensa crise global em 2022.

A crise da Evergrande é só um presságio, a economia chinesa inteira é uma imensa bolha criada artificialmente justamente para fazer crescer o bolo produtivo e fomentar uma estatização gorda futura que irá fortalecer imensamente a ditadura chinesa.
Change my view.
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